Wednesday, October 14, 2009

stuffing my bag anytime soon?

normally, whenever I need to got to a puclic toilet, I will ALWAYS try my best to find and do my business in this type of toilet..

but now that my belly is growing bigger, I find it hard to squat, so now, like it or not I have to use the normal sitting toilet bowl...

the thing is, if the public toilet bowls look like this..

I wouldnt mind a bit, but unfortunately, almost all public toilet sitting bowl looks like this

Now tell me, should I start stuffing toilet paper rolls in my beg like this?

hmm.... ;p



nadia denise said...

what i'd usually do. amek toilet tissue from that publi toilet and cover the toilet seat! :)

~red~ said...


that's rite.

ida said...

or blh jgk pastikan sentiasa ade stock toilet seat paper cover... ada jual kt supermarket..dlm rm2.50 for 10 pieces.

aiesya said...

ida : eyh? ade eh..?? kat supermarket mane eyh jual..??nak kene cari ni..ade certain toilet takde tisu laa..tension tul!

The Queen Bee said...

normally i wud bring disinfectant and wipe off the toilet seat.

Or u can buy toilet seat cover kat any traveler's store or drug store. Pastu boleh berak dengan aman! eheheh

Kalau kat Japan, toilet seat sangat2 bersih.. and siap ade toilet cover lagi no need to worry pun! best btul!!