Tuesday, October 6, 2009

an email from a friend...

A friend of mine emailed me this morning...

Salam Aisyah,

Ko ape kabar skarang?Ok dah morning sickness ko?

Aisyah,aku dh suke gile pakai PB skarang
Sbb b4 aku pakai PB,aku diet dulu kuruskan badan aku.
Aku dh turun bout 12 – 13 kg.
Maybe dulu aku gemuk sbb tu rase tak sedap pakai.(Size tak sesuai perhaps??)
Skang Alhamdulillah. aku pakai PB sgt selesa.
Ramai la yg puji cakap pinggang dh kecik..mcm kerengga..haha..cam tak caye.
Ape yg ko advise dulu mmg applicable.
Kalo tak pakai PB mcm tak kemas je badan aku.Rase tak sdap je.
Yg pasal br***t tu pun,aku tak seconscious dulu.
Kalo tak pakai PB,mmg nmpak br***t sgt tak cantik.
Kesimpulannya,I should thank you sb bg kata2 semangat kat aku dulu
Thanks a million yaa!

I am so happy for her that she managed to lose 12-13kg!!!! [jeolous pun ade!!] .. it may not be 100% because of PB, she did mentioned she went on a diet..but still, PB helps you to shape your body and gives you a good posture...

fyi, she did not buy the PB from me [eventho she bought it after reading my testi n also farah's testi about PB] , but that does not matter to me a bit..whats important is that I support anybody who wears PB because for me its such a good product!! I felt the difference when I wore it..and I tell you..I cant wait to put on my PB as soon as after I deliver [erm..actually I have to do some research on that first!]

For those who wants to change their life, and their body, I really suggest you give this a try. Its worth every penny u spent!! I promise!!

btw, I must be sincere that business has been slow since I got pregnant, not that I'm making excuses but my body really wasnt in good shape to meet people...[nak masak untuk suami sendiri pun tak larat..ni apetah lagi nak pergi jumpa org n talk about business kan!!] ..and I'm truly sorry if ade sms/msgs yg tak terreply during that time....

InsyaAllah, since my body dah recover sikit, business is on as usual ;) , anyone interested in buying PB or even wants to make some extra income... please give me a beep k...

aisyah - escallonia08[at]yahoo[dot]com (email or YM) or 019-2710102

or you could contact my business partners

Farah - vamoblur[at]yahoo[dot]com

if you're somewhere in Johor

Kaem - pheonix_jnc[at]yahoo[dot]com or 019-9406598

I wont be harsh and I definitely would not force you into anything..you could listen first and if you're interested, then u can join the business...If you decide not to, then its OK...I dont like to be forced so I wont force people...I dont want to be responsible for other peoples financial... I believe you're old enough to make your own decisions ;)

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