Saturday, October 31, 2009

my first purchase

everytime I go into any shopping mall or departmental store, I try very hard to keep myself away from the baby/kids section. Just because I knew I would not be able to stop myself from purchasing those cute things ...

For me, I think, its still too early to start buying baby stuff..

Yes. I've been googling the prices, designs and whatnot. but that was it. My plan was to start buying on my 8th month. I dont want to seem overexcited or anything kononnyerr...

But when a friend asked me to go to My Dear Warehouse sales with her yesterday, I knew that I was going to enter a danger zone if I go. Yelaa.Sales kan. hmm..but I still went. heheh.

I told hubs in the car that I just wanted to survey, and not buy anything and he only smiled. and said "ok. lets wait and see."


When we reached there, I only saw toys and not-very- nice stuff displayed under the canopy area. Nothing interesting there. I thought to myself , wahh..selamat duit....

but as soon as I entered inside the store/warehouse. There were baby car seats, strollers, playpen etc. all at very reasonable prices. Then, I got excited. ;)

As I was looking thru this car seat that I really admired ( RM300 after less, I thought it was quite ok) , I saw this baby cot - in white! I've been planning to buy a white baby, straight away I looked at the price - RM270 for the bed , Rm470 for the whole package (bed, mattress, 7 piece bedding set, mosquito net) .. wahhh...

dragged hubs to see the baby cot, and after this discussion

me: cantik kan, ok plak price die
hubs: haah...belilah
me: isk..tapi awal sgt laa..tapi..hg die ok..
hubs: abang tak tau market price, ikut sayang laa
me: yg syg survey, klu baby cot cam ni mostly rm400 ke atas..
hubs: haa..then..beli laa..
me: tapi awal lagi..
hubs: mane awal dah..lagi 3 bulan kan..takkan mase sayang tgh sarat 8-9 bulan baru nak cari, nak g warehousales yg sesak2 camni...
me: hmm..tapi mcm awal jer lagi..

after half an hour debating about awal ke tak awal..we finally decided, it wasnt too early, tapi...the conversation took into another turn

me: nak amek katil jer ke, the whole set?
hubs: ikut laa..murah ke amek set? abg serious tak tau market price die
me: murah laa..dah laa die calculate sume ikut harga discount, then bagi discount lagi...
hubs: haa..belilaa..
me: tapi cam bedding set die tak cantik laa..lagipun ingat nak jahit sendiri, boleh pilih corak lawa sket..pastu mosquito net ni mcm semak jer..tilam die pun cam tak best..sponge..ingat nak cari yg latex nyer..
hubs: ha..takyah laa beli [getting fed up already! haha]
me: tu laa..kann...tapi....murah laa set die..Jaja [a friend of mine] beli the whole set RM800 baru RM470....
hubs: pastu kenapa tak beli
me: [repeated the same reason above]

after another half an hour... I finally made up my mind..

I only bought the baby cot... hehehe... this is why hubs dont like shopping with me.. ;p

so here it is, my very first purchase for my little precious. ;)

still in the box. cant wait to move in our new home. eiii....

my happy face after buying the baby cot.. sukkaaaa!!!!!!!

tho I broke my promise to myself that I'm not going to buy anything, I am still proud of myself that I only bought the baby cot altho there was this baby car seat that I really liked.. and this stroller... and that baby monitor..and there was a cheap bottle sterilizer too...urgh...

but kesimpulannye..i could still think rationally, and tak gopoh gapah.. ;)

sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit kannn... ;)



iTaSaZmIn said...

aisyah... besnye.. ita lak excited!!! :-p [mode berangan sgtlah tinggi ]

m@Ri@ said...

bestnya...tingin gak nk p sale tu tp jauh sgt..nk p sbb nak cari baby cot gak..hehe..takpelah baby sok tido ngn mak die dlu la jawabnya..smp mak dia ada duit beli baby cot..haha..