Monday, October 12, 2009

baby pun nak kene ade beg ke?

is what hubs said when I told him about the baby bags I googled... ;p

typical him..hehehe....

here are some of the fab baby bags I found... I adore each and every one... ;p

Hoohobbers Cocoa Pink Massenger

Gladiola Baby Bag/ Green Patent

Spring Floral Bouquet Messenger

Multifunction Nappy Bag/Backpack - Choc/Blue

Zanzibar Reversible Hobo Bag

Audrey Tote

The bad news is that all of them are super expensive!! well atleast for me, I wont even spent more than RM200 on a bag for myself [ yes, I'm not kidding!], ni lagilaa for a diaper bag..

Lucky for me, not any of the above ships to Malaysia, so, even I'm really2 tempted to buy [yelaa..nafsu membeli org pregnant ni pelik sket] ....I just know that I cant... ;)

fuuuuhhhhhhhh....... ;)



wahwo said...

the green gladiola is a baby bag?
kalau kita jadikan handbag boleh? :D

aiesya said...

yup, baby bag..

boleh je nak jdiadikan handbag cu... ;)
but wait..if only it ships to malaysia... sobbsss...

aiesya said...

owhh..n even if it does..
it costs rm490 just for the bag!!

huaaaa!!!! :(

aseeb said...

hahaha... beli jer.. ktorg beli satu, dapat 3 free (free sebab org bagi) hehe

hows the baby?? laki ke pompuan?

aiesya said...

hehehe..beli mmg nak beli..but not a rm500 diaper bag for sure!

or if abg aseeb nak all means..saya menerima dengan tangan terbuka..hahaha.. ;p

baby shy..dun wanna show.. ;p

aseeb said...

ala... mintak ler kat grandpa and grandparent die. kata cucu pertama.. mestilaa diorg excited..

takpe let the baby gives u surprises hehe.. we knew ours after 7 months waiting...

Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

alamak!! all of them are baby bag??? I know i wont be using them as baby bag esp the gladiola! most of them sesuai bawak pegi kerja! hehe

Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

babe! sc u are 'renovating' mydiamondream, why not put a chatterbox too... hehe! just a suggestion, sng nk komen! heheheheh!