Wednesday, October 28, 2009

by air or by land

so hubs is going to Penang for 3 weeks next month.and since Penang is one of my favourite place in Malaysia [the food!] and I havent been there for awhile and of course I miss it so much. obviously the first thing I did when he confirmed the date was comparing ticket prices between AirAsia, Firefly and MAS. and this is what I came out with.

Return Ticket

AirAsia - RM150

Firefly - RM229

MAS - RM159

since MAS had way better services and planes, and the difference was only RM9 with AirAsia, I immediately booked the MAS flight. but when I was making my payment, an error occured and I couldnt refresh the current page I was in.tried to make online payment again but cannot figure out how. so, texted good-cousin syuhaida, and she told me that I have to make payment at the counter and the nearest was KL Central.

an hour after that, there I was, fidgeting in the car, in the massive jam, eager to reach KL Cental asap so I could pay and get my ticket...

but then, suddenly I just remembered..I'm pregnant!!

and so I counted.. I was 6 month plus at the time...

hmm...selamat ke ekk..??

adeeehhh...maka, I called good-cousin syuhaida [again!] , and asked.. and kebetulan Wa was there with her and Wa said as long as below 7 month should be ok...but if 7 month cannot because takut terberanak. ;p

so yeayy!!! I was not 7 month yet then!! ok laa kan..

to reconfirm, I called mom...

me: mom, if saya nak naik flight g penang ok ke? slamat tak?
mom: ok jer..takde masalah..why?
me: I called k.syu then Wa said if 7 month cannot. scared deliver early.
mom: owh..u how month then?
me: erm..6 month lebih..
mom: lebih berapa?
me: errr... 6 month 3 weeks.. [6m 3w 4 days to be exact! hehe]
mom: laa...7 month laa tu...tak payah laa...
me: owhh..tak payah eyh..ok... ;)

since mom said no, so, I guess..mmg tak boleh laa kan..kata ibu harus didengar!

but just untuk sedapkan hati, tried to call Teh, another auntie of mine, but she couldnt be reached at the time.

so, I took that as a sign plus the error mase nak buat payment tu [because never happened like that before]

maka, cancel flight.

and now....I am still contemplating either to go by bus or not...5 hours in the bus....alone.... waaahhhh..... lamenyer tidak berada dalam situasi sebegitu!!!

some advice perhaps?



Anonymous said...

definitely a no-no...nnt kaki kebas ooo..sakit pinggang lagi...nak kencing lagi..huhu.. it's happened to, pilihan di tgn anda!!!hehe..

sarah al -idrus said...

akak,hehe few days ago, dgr tak berita pasal ada org bersalin dlm plane.and baby tu dpt free flight seumur hidup .hee

amalkhalid said...

dude..mcm jangan jer...takut kalau bus laju cam bouncing risau pulak...5 hours pulak tuh...huhu

Azwani Shaari said...

Dear, kalo polisi air asia utk pregnant guests mcm ni:
It is the duty of pregnant passengers to advise us of the progress of their pregnancy at the point of booking of Seat and at the check-in counter. Our carriage of pregnant passengers are subject to the following conditions:

a) Pregnancy up to 27 weeks (inclusive): we will accept without a doctor's certificate subject to the passenger signing a Limited Liability Statement.

b) Pregnancy between 28 weeks to 34 weeks (inclusive): passenger shall produce a doctor's certificate confirming the number of weeks of pregnancy and that she is fit to travel which certificate shall have validity of not more than seven (7) days from the scheduled flight departure date. The passenger will be required to sign a Limited Liability Statement

c) Pregnancy 35 weeks and above: we will refuse carriage.

rainbow skit, said...

salam ~ akak. better pegi by plane. more safer. and 7 mo safe kot. kalo by bus,lagi laa bahaya. sebab jalan slalu nya takde orang, then bus kan bumpy-bumpy. and nak kencing pon susah maa.lagi-lagi kalao sorang2.
by plane dah la 45 min je. kejap. n kalo nak terberanak pon senang nak patah balik.

so conclusion nye. better by plane. nnt kalo terberanak pon sapa tahu boleh dapat flight ticket free utk seumur hidup cam air asia tuh :)

aiesya said...

ano:tu laa psal..dok fikir psal nak g toilet tu..dah laa pregnant ni..kerappp betul g toilet..

sarah: kazen siap ckp..haa..nak ticket free seumur hidup, naik laa..tapi naik MAS..hahaha!!

kem: tapi..tapi...tapi aku nakkkk sgt g penang!!!! ;p

kak wani: wahh!! thanks so much for the info..nak amek doc's cert yg malas tuuuu... ;p

rainbow: tu laa..ikut hati mmg nak naik plane..tapi mommy dearest dah ckp jgn kan..hmm..but thanks!! ;)

Bakal mummy. said...

hi, i flew with MAS at 26th week to Sabah (which took 2 1/2 hrs journey). Alhamdulillah, nothing bad happenned. just make sure you consult with ur doctor first. andd..better take the aisle seat so you boleh streching and 'shi-shi' without problems.