Sunday, October 25, 2009

I feel old.

Had a great time at Jalan TAR with good-friend Ada last saturday.

Went hunting for material for her wedding dress. Totally adored the one she bought!

Also bought some materials for some tudungs I'm making for friends. Alhamdulillah dah sihat ni, could continue making pretty things for special friends. ;)

Pitied hubs had to follow and be our driver. But he insisted, said he was fine with it. Deep down inside I know he's actually worried about me. Being pregnant and all.. ;)

But he got his reward for being so patient when Ada treated us dinner at Seoul Garden Korean BBQ Steamboat Buffet @ 1Utama that night, with her fiance.

Food was superb n delish. With hubs and Ada's fiance around, it was worth spending every penny. They ate. and ate. and ate. and ate. We were there until the restaurant closed. ;)

when we started.

an hour later.

Ms. Ada and Mr. Fiance

Me and good-friend, Ada
Thanks for the dinner darlinkkk.. ;)

[feel bumped that I couldnt attend her wedding . Its february next year. Hmm.. best wishes ya!]


Went to Mom's after a friends kenduri yesterday.

Both slept the whole evening. and me almost half the night. woke up at 11pm. ate buns because so hungry.

Couldnt sleep anymore.

Stayed up with hubs until 3 am, talked about politics, work and Uni life.

I feel old.



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The Queen Bee said...

wah bestnye jalan2... morning sickness dah hilang ke?