Friday, October 30, 2009

my little project

i have always . always . loved arts and crafts .

with some coloured papers . glue . ribbens . scissors . and whatnot .

I could go crazy and I could completely ignore everything else around me.

tanye anyone in my class. I was constantly making love notes for my "kakak angkat"s.

even when the teacher was teaching at the front! [oppppssss....]

now that I'm in the mood again, I've decided to make a scrapbook about my pregnancy. [better late than never kan?]

I've been into those scrapbook stores before. and oh my - it cost the earth!

so, I tried to think creative and opted for a cheaper version. [or so I thought]

and normally once I got something in my head, I need, no, MUST do it there and then, being the impatient me, I dragged poor hubs to Jusco yesterday to get my self some material for my little project.

after half an hour belek2 the stuff, finally, I bought these

multi coloured papers and coloured pens

and a very cheap but nice album ;)

total cost = RM30 !! (yeay!!)

but then....

we passed by a scrapbook store, and I was itching to go in.

told hubs that I'll just take a peek and be out in a minute or so. and I promised my self not to buy anything.

hubs said yes, but he stayed outside. on the bench.

hubs was pissed when I came out but I didnt understand why.

turns out I spent ONE whole HOUR in the store!!!!! sumpah tak perasan!!

thank god there was a bench!!! hubs said "cerita naruto dah 5 kali habis dah" [he was sitting on front of a video store I think]

then hubs jeling at not one but TWO paper bags that I carried out from the store...

wait. whhhaatttt...???????

yes. yes. I know I said I would not buy anything, but tell me, how could you resist these?

they are sooooooooo pretty arent they..? plus they were on 50% sales !! It would just be madness not to buy some.. ;p

and then I saw this.

alahai...just how could I say no? I could already imagine the pictures I would use with the wordings.. ;)

pastu, the sales boy plak went on and on about scrapbooking, he was no ordinary sales boy, he knew every single thing you need to know about scrapbooking..he even showed me his collection and I was amazed..sgt2 smart!!!

according to him, u need to use all the asid-free material, EVERYTHING!! including the glue, pens, papers and you even have to store your scrapbook papers in a non-pvc protector so that it can last up to 150 years!!! [mmg sampai ke anak cucu cicit cicit cicit cicit laa kan] and you cannot mix the materials, if you do, your papers with turn yellowish in 2-3 years time. haa???

and these things do not come cheap.. they are super expensive.. ridiculously expensive!!

since I was on a really tight budget, I just bought some papers, glue, a paper shaper, ONE black pen and one rub on.

when I was about to exit the store, suddenly I realized that the original album I bought to make my scrapbook wasnt suitable for the materials I bought from that store, since these papers were printed on both sides. plus it wasnt pvc-free material..hmm...rugi laa plak nanti kan..

I stopped at the door, and looked at the variety of very nice albums stacked on the rack. and I was contemplating either to get one or not. If I do, then I would have overspent my budget, but if I dont, then I wouldnt be able to start on my project asap. I was so in the mood and I know that mood could vanish anytime. and that would be such a waste since I've already spent a lot on the other materials... in the name of art and crafts [ewah!], I decided to buy one. I asked the boy for the cheapest album available in black. and he showed me this.

I simply loved it! i love that the cover is covered with cloth material [which can 'pimp' later on if I feel like it] and that its a ring type, so when I need to add more, I could simply add on the pvc-free protectors without buying a new album, and it can store up to a hundred pages!!

what I didnt like about it was the price. although it was the cheapest. It wasnt really actually cheap. but I guess I knew I had to have it, so, nice shiny plastic card had to used this one time. adeehhh...takpelaa..gaji nanti trus bayar.. ;)

total cost = i dont even want to total it up.... :(

now I cant wait for the weekend to start my little project! terujanyaaaa!!!!



sarah-al-idrus said...

u remind me of my sister.heee..

Alymia Nelyza said...

mama said alya suka buat benda2 mcm ni. dari kecik lagi. haha.

alya pernah masuk dalam nichii almost 1 hour ++ and maher jeling2 merajuk dengan alya. T__T

btw, dah siap scrapbook nak tengok! mesti cutee!!

aiesya said...

sarah: which part? the spending part or the arts and craft part?

alya: hehehe..same laa..ade this one picture when I was 4 i think..buat robot dari kertas and plastic ape ntah..;p

uiks..scrapbook tu buat one page for major event jer..klu tak..mampus kopak takde duit nak bagi baby makan..hahahah.. ;p

Nad said...

Hi...just blog hopping... :)

amalkhalid said...

sangat sama mcm dulu ok!!!!!hehehhee....interesting2..chaiyo2!!!

The Queen Bee said...

alamakkk i have 1 box of scarpbook stuff to let go! beli dgn i jeee huhu