Tuesday, October 20, 2009

oh la la la la la ~~~

my weekend was packed [again!]

it seems that this month there's always something to do, or somewhere to go..

and not to mention money to be spent....urgh..

it all started on Friday, when my company gave us halfday leave since it was eve of Deepavali..and since hubs was in Klang doing his audit, I decided to go to Pavilion with a colleague of mine to kill time, sambil2 window shopping..

yeah right..window shopping konon, I ended up buying 4 new tops from Cotton On [ I think I'm addicted to this brand! haihhh..]

the next day, Mom's best friend, Auntie Sal invited us to her open house in Kota Damansara.. the food was delish..especially her mee soup...I tambah 3 kali !!! [hushh aye..i know wut ur going to say..but then..I am eating for 2 you know! hahaha]

photo stolen from Alya's blog..she takes great photos! ;)

then that night, mom and dad organized a BBQ for my kazens, uncles and aunties from my dad's side.. [mom even bought a new BBQ stove for the event] ..ade mutton, beef, chicken, shrimp, squid, sosej, patatoes, nasi goreng and laksa...everything were super delicious!!! I didnt eat much tho, I was super excited meeting my cousins, I forgot to eat..hahaha..no laa..but seriously, its been long since I last met most of them, so bersembang mmg tak ingat laa kan.. ;) I even forgot to take pictures.. sob sob.. :(

mr ayim - the chef of the night.. ;)

on Sunday, I organized a kareoke session for my mom, sister, aunties n kazens [mom's side plak]..only Mom, Sis, Teh, Callie, Cu n anak2 that could make it.. Cippa n Wa cancelled last minute, they had something else to do..Tzah plak was in Ipoh, for work..well..nvm..maybe next time..

the boys, mr Ayim n Hubs were in a different room [alasan segan nak nyanyi ade makcik2..hehehe]

the adorable cousins.. ;)
[they stayed in our room for a while, and went to the boys room after that coz we were singing songs that they dont know..hehehe...]

among the songs we sang [very the oldies ya people - no wonder the kids ran away! haha!]

the boys room - Mr Ayim melayan lagu dengan penuh perasaan!

Callie, Syikin n Cu singing...hmm...i cant remember what song

the Girls room - big n spacious - we were singing, mom was dancing, I wish the others were there too...lagi meriah... especially Wa, mom would have a friend to dance with.. ;)

after the 4-hours kareoke session, me and mom, naturally, us being us, went shopping!! , well at least mom did..I just had fun picking and choosing stuff for her...hehehe.. ;)

lil sis, me n mom

me n mom if dah start tgk barang, we care not about other people..menonong jer jalan.. ;)

while the others tagged along...bored...nasib baik Hubs ade nak jadi photographer diorang..adelaa bende nak buat sementara kitorang shopping.. ;)

kaki manusia2 yg terpaksa ikut kami berjalan.. ;p

mom ended up with some Bobby Brown products [lagi!], a gorgeous Lewre shoe, I dont know how many tops from Cotton On [hahaha..I spread the addiction to her] , a couple of shirts for ayah and a free-Santa Barbara travelling bag for spending more than certain amount on her CIMB cc..

Me? I am proud to say... I bought nothing!!!!! yeay for me!!!! hehehe.. ;)


and Alhamdulillah, berkat kesabaran [and maybe rezeki anak dalam badan ni haa] , business is doing good..and dengan duit business lebih sket tu, I got my self something that I really2 wanted for a long time...

alhamdulillah... ;)

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