Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OLYMPUS SP-570 UZ digital camera

Hi all,

I'm selling off my Olympus SP-570 UZ digital camera.

It breaks my heart to do so, but I have not been using it (at all!!) for the past 4 month coz I prefer using hubs DSLR - all the time!!!

So, rather than leaving it unloved I might as well let it go and let it be with someone who would appreciate it more.. ;)

So here's the details.

Item: OLYMPUS SP-570 UZ digital camera

Package includes: All in box + 2g memory card

Price: RM1100, bought for rm1700 in Feb 2009

Warranty: Yes. ( 4 month remaining) + 1 week personal warranty

Dealing method: I prefer COD, but if you need me to Post Laju, can also.

Age of item: 8 month++

Item(s) conditions: no scratches. excellent condition! (used for only the 1st 4 month after purchase)

you could read more about the specs here.

I will throw in 4 sony rechargeble batteries, including the charger - FOR FREE !!!! (values at rm150++)

So, please YM/Email me if you're interested ya! ;) thanks!

escallonia08 [at] yahoo [dot] com



nadya omar said...

mcm bminat,, ermm, nnt add my ym leh?

aiesya said...

hi nadya,

dah add.. ;)

Anonymous said...

why not give dear lil sis?


aiesya said...

because already given my other Nikon to lil sis... REMEMBER..??

Anonymous said...

why not give to your fav cousin?

aiesya said...

uuuu...n who will dat be?