Sunday, October 11, 2009

i couldnt think of a title

Wow! Its been a crazy 3-days weekend!

It started off, Friday morning, with my check-up and 5 month scan which I was really sure the appointment was at 9am [or at least that was what I wrote on my office-desk-calender]..luckily I had a habit to always check back the time and date of appointments, and that morning, I opened up my pink-book and saw, written in red, my appointment was at 8am...!!

It was already 7.30 at the time, so I woke hubby up, showered and got dressed, and managed to reach the clinic by 8am!! fuhhh ~~ klu tak mau kene marah ngan nurse tuu...~~

Was suppose to see the gender, but I guess little B is shy-shy like mommy *haha!*, couldnt see if its a jr me or jr hubs.. mom said...its still early..dont take away the surprise... ;)

but I did see little B's fingers moving......cutenessss !!!!! ;)


after the checkup, went to OU with mom n lil sis since mom had some things she needed to get for herself... one of those things were her facial product and what's interesting about this part was, when we were in the departmental store, she was standing in the middle of a bunch of beauty counters and went.. " one I want to buy.." .cute!.

at last she bought bobbi brown coz I've tried the product before and I liked it very2 much... luckily mom is the type that doesnt mind to try new brands... ;) the SA was very2 kind and did a make-over for mom [before she even bought the product!], and mom looked like she was 20-years younger I tell you! she ended up buying a mosturizer, toner, makeup remover, foundation and a blusher, she almost wanted to buy everything that the SA put on her [marketing taktik rupanyer! cisss!!] , but I stopped her, since she still had a lot of eyeshadows and gloss and eyeliner at home.. nasib baik..see..I'm a good daughter tau!! hehee... favourite pick from the products she bought was the felt so refreshing and it smells soooooo nice.... I just cant wait for my toner to finish so I can get my hands on it too!! [it only cost rm95/bottle!!]


right after I got back from OU with mom, I went out for a short biz meeting with hubs, and since we were already in KL and I've been wanting to go karaoke since before Ramadhan, I begged hubs to go to RedBox at Pavilion... I gave him like tons of reasons for him to agree and lastly he caved in, especially when I said it was a friday- so the price is cheaper than weekends rate..hehe...;) I was practically hopping my way to RedBox..

Iniatially, he said, he didnt want to sing, he'll just let me sing, I was super OK with that, lagi bnyk lagu aku bleh nyanyi kan....but lastly, he ended up singing more songs than I did....whhhaaattt...??? hehehe..but I didnt mind...I kinda loved it actually..hehe...come to think about it, we never went singing just the two of us, it was always with friends, and he seldom really it was fun to see him enjoying himself! ;)

after RedBox, I went into CottonOn and got myself these:

rubi shoes from CottonOn. 2 for rm60! very cheap kan?

meanwhile hubs went straight to KFC since he was super hungry! kecian.

me waiting for hubs to finish eating [ me not a fan of KFC!]

fuhhh....dah panjang dah ni...and itu baru jumaat!!!

the next morning, my darling kazen, wan zailin wan zakwan got engaged..congrats ye linn.. ;)

normally seeing her in black made her unrecognizable when she wore pink that day!! haha!! kidding..!!

but anyways, I wish her a blessed engagement and the best of luck for her wedding preparations!! it will be hectic dear...HECTIC !!! ;p

control ayu... ;p


later that day, went to Jid's Open House...makin hari makin cantik minah tu...anyways, I only had mee bandung (delicious!!) and roti jala since I was still full from lin's kenduri..but the best part was catching up with Mekna (ni lagi sorang, dah jadi mak pun lawa n slimmmm lagi) and Azar, who will be getting engaged soon... yeay!!! we were talking and laughing our hearts out..and making so much noise mcmlaa kami jer yang ade kat ctu..hehe...sorry jid! ;p

and that night plak, after the long day, me n hubs went to Sunway Pyramid, konon2 nak pergi X-Berry Party by XpaX, I wanted to see the new Blackberry Curve, but ended up jalan2 je, because the party was held outside, and it was soooo hot that night, I felt like I was going to faint!

balik from Sunway, went to pick Ayim n Jyue coz my parents were having an Open House for family and their friends, and since Ayim n Jyue are family, so wajib datang!!! [with work waiting for them at home! hehehehe! kidding! but they did help a lot tho!]

BUT we didnt went straight home, gatal diri ini nak pergi Uptown Gombak sbb tak penah pergi..and it was already 11pm at that time!! ade2 aje ibu mengandung ni... regretted the desicion...buhsannn!! :(

sampai rumah [12.30am!], mak was in the kitchen, cutting the lamb and cooking the dhalca alone, so we rolled our sleeves and went straight to work! hubs n ayim worked on the lamb [bnyk ok...!!bape puluh kilo ntah..hehehe..tipu jer..but seriously bnyk], me and jyue, sagat kulit lemon, and perah jus lemon, mom wanted to marinate the lamb..we slept at almost 2.30 am!


Sunday morning - went to pasar, almost gave up searching for daun parsley, helped cook, clean, arrange tables, arranged food bla bla bla bla bla.... sampai jer waktu tetamu datang, I was flat....kaki sakit tahapppppp....since almost all were mom's and dad's friends...jadi..boleh laa berehat..nasib baik ayim n hubs n big bro ade to refill the food and help out during the open house... ;)

but later that evening, back to work again, cuci n mengemas....nasib baik ade jyue n ayim.. ;) thanks guys...korang mmg besttt!!!! ;)

mom n dad

anak2 cu with their Ayim!

[this kids when they're around..adoiii...kecohh n bising amat...but when they are not around...rindu gilerr...especially little farhan..he's just so cute!!]


so to recap - checkup - OU - biz meeting - RedBox - shopping - Lins engagement - Jids Open House - Sunway Pyramid - Uptown Gombak - Pasar Selayang n Pasar Borong Busuk(hehe) and lastly - Open House!

maybe nampak tak bnyk...but for a pregnant lady mcm saya...peeenaaaattttt!!!!!



me, 5 month preggie... ;)



m@Ri@ said...

wah..full activity for the weekend..anyway nice bump..

Syaira said...

penatpenat convince maklang suruh masak kambing, and we couldn't go. so sad.

aiesya said...

maria: hehe..thanks... ;)

aye: tu laa..apsal tak datang..kambing sedappp.... [padahal tak makan pun...]

TyracShop said...


Jealous nye tgk org pregnant :(

aeenwahiddin said...

hi aiesya, CottonOn tu katmana ye? macam menarik je! :D

aiesya said...

kak alysha: mekasih..!! ;)

aeen: CottonOn kat Pavilion, level 4, sebelah Forever21..mmg best..g laa cepat..tgh sales...syiok..boleh jadi giler nak pilih kasut..sume cute!

aeenwahiddin said...

allright! thanx!

Anonymous said...

hoho...sgt cute! hehe..~~alin~~

amalkhalid said...

aiesya...sgt comel..hehhehe....