Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This post is for Mr Hubs.

We normally fill up our tank RM100 and see how many km we can reach before the next fill up. And compare each fuel brand we use. Normally, the most we can go (him driving) is 560km. So when it reached 600 yesterday..I just had to call him...


He did not believe that the reading has gone past 600km!! duhhh.....typical men...

So hubby darling.....I show u proof!! See....got fuel some more..! and NO...I did not top-up! heheheehehe

The moral of the story is...hmm...i dunno... T__T


On a different note, I felt like putting a bit extra effort today. After 2 days pakai selekeh jer..balik dari singapore tak cukup tido..maka asek bangun lewat ye kawan2...tapi still simple coz even the managers wear tshirts..kang over shadow mereka plak..huhu...so my outfit today.... 

scarf and inner - Arzu
top - G2000
pants - Dorothy Perkins
Necklace - Moms.. ;)
Snake bangle - Lucky Plaza, Sg
Beg - Charles & Keith


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Anonymous said...

ala...tipu...awak dah refill kan.. -mr.hubby