Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Oversized Alexa Bag

I am not a bag person. Period. I can use one bag for one year and not change it until it spoils. I dont go into shops and drool on bags. Not me.

BUT...eversince I saw this bag on a celebrity picture while I was blog hopping a year ago... I fell in love... deeply in love... I dont know what it is about the bag..but..I just love how it looks..not too structured and not too girly girl..its just perfect!

the price is perfect too...hahha..RM7k i think in Malaysia stores...crazy kan!

what bag am i talking about.... ?

The Oversized Alexa Bag.... gorgeous!!!

arent they just the coolest? hmmmm.....before this I would never would imagine that I would buy such a bag...but now..its on my wishlist for 2011.... and the end of next year..I am determine to get myself one... with the business i am doing...insyaAllah..achievable.. ;)

hidup kene ade matlamat kan?

so which one looks better?

the plum..

or the yellow one..??

drooolllll..... ;)

do you have a dream bag? tell me about it! ;)



Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

i love the plum alexa!! err wait.. yellowwww! err blue2! cant decide.. nway, i'm not into bag too.. can use e same bag until one of the handle broke off! (which unfortunately happened to me early this year in front of guardian in a mall! malu seyhhhh! hahaha!)

aiesya said...

kannnnn Kaem!!! aritu masuk butik yg kat KLCC...seperti mahu menangesss!!!! canteekkkk

Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

mmg patut menangis.. cantik! even if i menabung to buy Alexa, in the end i'm not sure whether i would really buy the bag, though.. hehe! too expensive.. but hopefully ur business will be very successful!! then, u can hv anything, insyaallah... caiyoookkkk babe!