Sunday, December 12, 2010

2 years,

I have always been big on celebrations. Birthdays. Anniversaries.

and today is the mark of our 2 years of marriage.

but. both of us are working. and..we actually have NO plans for today.

half of me is worried like "OMG...are we already old couples. Not fun anymore? We're only 2 years married.."

but then, the other part of me is so need planning, no need all the hustle.. just relax at home after work and maybe if Aqil asleep can *beep* *beep* *beeppppp* - ops sorry..need to censor the end of that sentence since not very the appropriate to write here *gatal grin*..

but seriously, life has been so hectic lately, all I wanna do is just relax.. I know getting away, and be at a beach somewhere is relaxing ( I am a huge beach lover, as my husband) , but the planning, and the packing, and the journey, and the should-we-bring-aqil-or-not argument, is somewhat too much for me right now.. heck, thinking of it is also tiring..adoii..drama much..

but seriously, eventho many might think I'm the social type, going-out-all-the-time type, actually I'm the opposite of that, sure there are times where I do go out and hang out with my friends but I LOVE staying in...making breakfast in the morning..then lay in front of the TV, watching TV with a laptop on my lap.. playing with lil Aqil..or spending the whole day in my sewing studio (its just a small room actually- but studio sounds wayyyy cooler! haha) - and I normally sleep at 9pm i tell you! such an old lady I am..

and alhamdulillah...I have a husband who is just like me...we could watch TV the whole day and do nothing else..and thankfully...hubs is not a die hard fan of football or all the watching those boring football match (sorry ya..not a football all!) or watching him playing dungeon and dragon (or what ever those games people play nowadays..) lunch and dinner would be delivery...haha..yes, cooking would be out of the picture..

Hubs have been so understanding and accepting me for who I am. and I guess that is what is important in a marriage. and communication. ^_^

when people ask me. "best tak kahwin?"

i would answer. "THE BEST!"

so dear hubs,

happy 2 years. lets just relax and be old tonight..;)


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