Tuesday, December 14, 2010

sharing is caring

i am on a mission to make a better life for my family. i am determined as hell to make this business a success and achieve that 5 figure income andd whats sweet about it is that is totally possible and achievable! i mean...when theres a will theres a way right? as long as u put ur mind to it..and pray to Allah..insyaAllah...i know i can make it..

of course there will be negative comments...negative vibes from some people but hey, they are not the ones paying ur bills at the end of the month..you are!! and why bother to listen to them when they themselves dont understand about this business..

lagipun...nobody could change yourlife except for you!

anyways...went to visit a good friend last night..and also shared some info about the business...sharing is caring right? hehehe... but if there's something good u can share with your friends..why not...sometimes people want to change..but they dont know how to..no source to get out from the cruel rat race..so when we share or i share with my friends..or u guys ^_^..i believe i'm just sharing an idea on how to make a better life...a different option of what you have now...life is all about choices right?

alamak..membebel panjang plak..huhu..but to cut it short, i was glad i went coz the sharing session went really good...started with dinner cooked by one of our besties, ayim..always a great cook he is..then we had the chance to talk about work..and about office poilitics..about politics..about house loans..since my friend is in the process of buying a new house (insyaAllah..they will move in next month and i'm so happy for them) , about house renovations, about the most important thing...MONEY.... well... like Salha said... Money is not everything...but everything now is about money.... and like it or not its a fact in life which we must accept...

and owh...one more topic that was constantly brought up was...the KIDS... ;)

talking about kids, Aqil had his first try on the buai..and boy..he lovedd it.. ;)

cute Iman was already sleeping when we arrived, but woke up at the very end...sempat jugak main ngan Iman kan...

rambut lebat cam ummie die...

this is my absolutely adorable and hardworking leader, Salha, who is setting all my targets and making sure I achieve them... Thanks dear for all your support!! :) btw people, if you're wondering..her income is already rm30k/month, after only 1 year doing the business...such an inspiration, kan?

so guys, if you're interested even just to know about the business... call/text me... i'll share with you an idea on how to make a better life..and to double-triple your income every month... ;)

Aisyah - 0192710102



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