Wednesday, December 22, 2010

what is your dream?

had a sharing session with both my leaders today, Hanis and Salha. They shared a lot about the strategy and how to achieve our goals and dreams and how to move from where we are now...but there was one topic that Hanis said that is stuck in head, even after hours after meeting her, which is making me unable to sleep right now and felt like i really needed to write about it...

Hanis said, and I quote " with the rate that people are paying back their students loans now, do you think there still will be PTPTN in 20 years to come? If yes, then no worries. But if no, then how about our childrens future education? If we are blessed with excellent kids, then Alhamdulillah, what if our kids are the average type? how then? and we see kids now days are getting smarter and smarter, and its very competitive , everyone is getting straight A's..everyone is doing start at very early age now, Qdees, SmartReader Kids..sure we want to send our kids too..but its expensive, if we have one kid, then maybe we can afford it, but what if we have 3 or 4? and their higher educations, if there's no loans, or let say the loans then are very limited, will we have enough funds at that time to send our children to Unis? again, 1 kid, maybe, but 4? we'll be in our 50's by then..."

wow right? i mean, when I joined this business, my aim was more on wanting to have extra income for of course, Shopping..yeah I know...and having the power of purchase, but when hanis opened this really made me think...and wonder...and think again.... she's got a point...a heck of a good one too!! 

My parents are both government servant, and people say government servant live a good life, and alhamdulillah, I must agree..maybe not the lavish life some people dream of but far my parents provided me with everything that I needed...but I know not dad does extra work to gain some extra imcome for the family, he used to be gone 1-2 weeks just to provide better for us...and dad said and I quote "Government servant are not that effected by the economy crisis, it has happened twice so far (or as far as i could remember), 1997 & 2008, but we dont really taste the effect of it, well not as much as the private sector does"

I remember those words, and both me and hubs are in private sector, I have seen friends get retrenched during the 2008 crisis, company cut cost like crazy and No increment for one year! tell me how am I suppose  not to feel scared.

But Alhamdulillah...I found this business..and I know I can go I know this? because of my leaders... Hanis  earned RM95,000 this month while Salha earned RM30,000..they could be doing their own thing right now but yet, they are still spending time  holding their business partner hands and helping us achieve our goals...I am so inspired by both of them so much that I cannot wait to be exactly like them... 

when i tell people about this business, I will say, the most important thing to look at before joining is the leaders and the group they are joining...i tell u, different groups have different strategies..and I assure you that our strategies are pretty solid...if not, how could Hanis earn almost 100k in only 1 1/2 year? tell me?

my leaders in action

its already 1 am right now, and I am really really sleepy...I think I wrote enough for tonight..but i'll end with something that Hanis and Salha asked us to do.... say our dreams out loud, and as I posted on FB just a while ago..

my dream is to live a debt-free life, have the power of purchase,to provide the very best for my child and future children and to give back to my parents..


what is your dream?

tell me and maybe I could be the one holing YOUR hands to achieve yours! 

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Hanis Haizi said...

aha tak sangka i cakap hari tu u igt heheh guud!!! bakal dsm aisyahh! caiyokk

aiesya said...

Hanis, nak jadi macam u kenelaa dengar kata kannn... :) kenot wait to be like you.. :) insyaAllah..