Thursday, December 16, 2010

for all book lovers

Friday is Amcorp Mall day. Without fail every friday. Unless we're on leave or something.

Normally, we go there mainly for lunch, not shopping coz our lunch break is still 1 hour eventho its a Friday.

But we decided to skip lunch today. And thank God I did!!!

Look what I found!

A bookstore! yeah what??? i tell you so what...the books are sold at half price or cheaper! all year round!!! i knoowww!!!!! its like a dream come true right?!?!  I am a book lover..I could just read and read and read and ignore everything else around me..not good when you have a baby tho..but well..i try my best to read when I anyways...I almost went crazy in the store...there were romance (my absolute fav!!) , thriller, cookbooks, motivation, autobiography, crafts, kids book...just name it, they got it... except for Ivanka Trump's book...not there yet..I've asked since I saw Donald Trumps motivational books there...hmm..I hope they bring it in soon!!

and.....the selections.........crazy!!!!

yups..those prices you see....ALL YEAR ROUND!!! now tell cool is that?!?!!!

My hands were itching to buy all..but since its already in the middle of the month..and I only had a hundred on me..I had to settle for these 3...

my favourite of all must be The Oprah Magazine Cookbook... of course there were like tons of other cookbooks from celebrity chefs like Jamie and Nigelia and Chef Ramsey...but hey...its OPRAH!! enuff said. ^___^

I am one HAPPY lady!!!

Owh and btw, if you're wondering...the bookstore is at Level 3, Amcorp Mall... sila pergi yer!! bestt!! and NO...i am not paid to advertise this store....tqvm....


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Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

bestnya murah gilerrrr!!! i love bookstores!! mst masuk evrytime pg mall..sometimes after work, i would go to popular (that's the best we have in batu pahat) dduk situ smpi tutup (bila 'cuti') of course.. hehe!