Sunday, December 26, 2010

shopping trip : Singapore!

mom has been talking about a trip to Singapore for god knows how long..but the trip has always been postponed because of our crazy schedules, she has been traveling for work for quite a number of times these past few month, so faham2 jer laa comes first..because itupun sumber rezeki..

anyways..since everyone was raving about how super cool singapore's boxing day sales are, we decided to finally take that trip..konon2 can kill one bird with one stone right... so off we went..2 am on christmas day...mengantuk + penat tak hengat...the verdict? the sales? overrated! biasa jer..nothing that we dont have in be honest, Malaysia's sales are wayyyyyy better..just maybe there are more choices to choose from in Singapore.. or maybe 2 days berjalan kat Singapore was not enough... we managed to cover Orchad Rd, Bugis village, Anchor Point, Queensway city mall..wanted to go to Vivo City, but it was already late, since Monday is a working day..we decided not to go..and shoot back to KL at 730pm on Sunday...

I got myself a couple of perfumes, and for hubs too..Aqil didnt get anything since there were nothing good to buy..sian die..but then, I'd rather not spend my money on things he doesnt need just for the sake of buying....biar simpan duit tu and buy in Malaysia.. ;)

Oklaa..less talk more pictures no? enjoy..

@ 5 am at Machap..i was sooooo..sleepy!

having coffee

JB Central >> full energy

excited faces

on the bus to Singapore

12pm, 1st day >> mom already tired!


$24 for 12 piece..gulp..nasib baik sedap..

first day we went by was such a hastle so 2nd day decided to drive...wayyyyy better...with GPS..everything pun senang.. ;)

mom with her best friend since college, Auntie Ann

tired. sian.

kiss kiss mommy!

excited to go home..penat sgt 2 days kat singapore..


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