Saturday, April 18, 2009

- options -

OK.. I dont think my diet plan is going to last long..

went jogging Saturday morning..needed the WHOLE day to recover...hahaha!! (plus oats gets a tad bit boring after the 1st month!)

anyways..I do think I need a backup plan..

after hours and hours of surfing and googling...I am down to 4 options (I can only afford 1..hehe..)

and they are :

Option 1 : HL - I've been reading about this a LOT..I've even went to their talk at Berjaya Times Square last that time very2 tempted to start using but was at that time was saving money for my shopping trip to Bandung so tertangguh...(nasib baik!)

Option 2 : FF - I've always love to work out!! Mase kat uni, I went to the gym almost everyday..ok..maybe not everyday but atleast three times a week..the other days its either swimming or sauna'ing'..hehe..I love to sweat..after work outs..and see my self sweating like hell..its always a satisfaction..puass...!!!!

Option 3 : PB - I've read about this before..but never took it seriously..I dunno why..a bit skeptical about the whole do you lose weight by wearing a corset?? shape up maybe..but losing weight? hmm...but then, a good friend of mine, farah , started using PB and it definitely helped her a lot..!! you can read about it here.. not only it helped her maintain her weight but also she's not having her usual monthly cramps like she use to..this was what attracted me the most because my period pain..its the worst!! i cry when I have them..hubs pun slalu jaga malam to boil water for me to "tuam" my perut...I've known farah for quite some I believe her story..and I've seen it too..!! (met her last week @ the curve) hehe..very2 tempting... :)

Option 4 : Wii - this one I consulted another good friend of mine, zurairi , he's the tech geek! kecian kat die had to answer my 1001 questions..thanks eyh Z! first i only knew about Wii Sports .. playing tennis, bowling, golf at ur own home..wearing anything u fun is that !?!?!!?! (maybe not golf ) hhehehe...then Z told me pulak about Wii Fit !! adoii...syioknyer..its like having your own personal trainer at home!! like..bestnyerr!!!!

so anyways..since I'm not (yet) a millionaire..hehe..(not even a thousand'aire' ok!!)..I could only chose one of the above...which one..?? Undecided yet...will update as soon as I make my decision..!!

stay tuned....


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