Thursday, April 23, 2009

His first time flying..

hubs has gone to a place with no network coverage!

his flight was at 7am had to be at LCCT by 5am!

I went to send him eventho he insisted to call a cab because kononnye he didnt want me to drive back alone/cry on the way back/feel lonely/bla bla bla... (duh!?!?!..mane boleh..baik takyah amek half day mcm tuh!- plus its his first time away..mestilaa hantar..nanti dah 10 - 20 kali..haa...naik laa cab -ngeh ngeh~~)

knowing it will be an early wakeup - we slept at 8.30pm last night (or at least I did! dont know what time he finished packing - it took him awhile to pack -not that he brought that much stuff )

he's going for one week and below is his luggage..

thats like ONE day travel punya luggage for me!!!! hehe ~~ i guess guys will always be guys..

total kg = 7 kg!!!!

his collegues each brought luggage sampai 19kg/person.. ngeh ngeh..~~

Anyways..sampai jer LCCT hubs was hungry..he wanted to have Mc D for breakfast..

but I had something else in mind..and since hubs love me so much..(hehe!) ..we ate what I wanted...

taaadaaaaa ~~~~

Nasi Lemak + Telur !!! - actually someone at the office menyebut about nasi lemak..then tetibe teringin best... !!!

we both had coffee to keep us awake..we arrived early (typical me!) obviously both of us was really2 sleepy! we waited for an hour for his collegues to arrive!

and finally..on his way to board his first flight !!! see him smiling !?!? - he was so excited to fly!! its his first time ever!! its cute seeing him getting excited b4 the giving a kid some candy! ngeh ngeh ngeh ~~~

his journey today will be like this :
- flight from KL to Tawau
- Ferry from Tawau to Nunukan
- Boat from Nunukan to Simang Garis (wherever that place is?!?!)
- Fourwheeldrive to the ladang ~~
kecian kat hubs..mesti penat ~~ -_-
well, see you next Friday k hun! (i'm missing u already!!)


nadia denise said...

aisyah!!! aku nak giler join korang malam td.. tp phone aku rosak for days and aku unreachable!!!nak contact org.. sumer no aku tak ingt.. dah la kat rumah sorang2.. so nak phone no ko pls! dah ade phone baru.. haha.. but no aku still same la..

cippa said...

Alahai, kesiannye..

Idayu a.k.a mrs yuslan said...

hahahhaha...siannye...ko cam hubby aku...ari tuh nak anta aku balik pun muker dia sedih giler...bleh aaa korang satu geng..well actually...i'm looking fwd to have a dinner wit u guys...u n ali...elyn n pen n hubby n me...since elyn n pen x officially kn hubby aku kan...wahhh...miss nyer nak balik sn...gile dowh dok cini....

aiesya said...

hehehe..aku pun tak sabar nak jumpe ko!! ;)
rindu seyhh..cepat2 laa balik semenanjung!!!