Monday, April 27, 2009


everybody close to me knows - my obsession to lose weight - unhealthy!!

seriously...its the only thing I can think of !! (agak penat sape yang jumpa myself dgr i ckp about losing weight jer!)

yupz - i know.. i am not fat - but like what people is in the eyes of the beholder (or something like that) - well beauty to me is S.K.I.N.N.Y !!!

I know i would not be anywhere near skinny - my family - we have curves! and i am proud of my curves!

But if possible - tanak laa ketul2 lemak tu visible kan..nak pki La Senza pun jadi tak teruja!! hehe

So, after my post on the options I have..I did my research and calculation (obviously, I am from an accounting background!!)

I've made my choice..and its option THREE!!!

I chose PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL !!!! ngeh ngeh ngeh...

why I didnt choose the other 3 ..?? Here's why :

Option 1 - HL - first of course, is the price..Ive calculated..hmm..rm500/month for HL..true you have it day and night and its only like rm6/drink...but seriesly..even if I take rice for lunch every day pun..It doesnt amount up to rm500 - honestly..that is how kedekut I am!! hahahahah!! plus I have to maintain every month..hmm...bnyk tuh...and I get bored easily..nak tambah nuts or use yogurt drink...bertambah lagi cost..hmm... ;p

Option 2 - FF - hehe..yang ni I was very2 tempted to join - being the sports girl I am - but I did my survey - 10 lady colleagues which are members - only 2 maintain going at least 3 times a week, 3 go once a week, the rest..they pay for nothing! the semangat tahan awal2 jer - and me - big possibility - I would fall in the 2nd or 3rd category - mostly yang tak maintain are because they have to go back from work early - cook - kemas rumah -bla bla bla - and there are jugak yang simply MALAS or penat after kerja - yelaa 9 hours dok dalam office mengadap PC..maybe physically tak penat but mentally..mmg penat!!!! - so to spend rm155/month with the possibility not going (and its 12 month contract basis - if nak terminate awal kene penalty rm500!!) - nvm !! no thanks!! but im not saying NO to exercise - just the ones I have to pay for - maybe jogging during weekends (which is not enuf to lose weight!) and some skipping every other day - so that I will still stay healthy!!

Option 4 - Wii - to be honest - this one was on my list because its cool..hehe..yes it can burn calories - if I actually play it!!! hehehe ~~ I have this kickboxing DVD at home which I bought like 4 month ago..and boy..I did sweat like crazy! If I do it like 3 times a week..I definitely will lose those kgs in no time!!! butttt......hehehe..these 4 month ~ i've ONLY done it once!!! hahahahaha!!!! seriously! balik umah kol 630 - masak until 730 - mandi - maghrib - dah mandi nak exercise lagi ke..??adoiii.... pastu nampak katil memanggil2 - tapi makan dulu...mcam mana nak kurus?!?!?! senang cerita .. dah tua (alamak-yeke>!?!?!) so MALAS !! huaaa!!! tapi nak kurus..camne..?!?!?

so this PB thing - its suppose to burn calories just by wearing it because of its Far Infrared Ray (FIR) thingy - I was sceptical at betulke..??!?! but to think logic...people in the old days..( I am talking english here) they wear corsets since they were young - and that time I dont think techno like FIR exist yet..but see their bodies!?!?!?! SUPERB !!! hehehe

and I do believe corsets are made and designed for LAZY people like ME - honestly - you cant get any lazier than this right?? I JUST have to PUT it on every morning and wear it the whole diffucult could that be?!?! not at all right?? - no mixing any shakes, or running on the threadmill for an hour (though that might be more satisfying!), or saying no to wonderful foods...ngeh ngeh ngeh...

the price? well it might seem a bit pricey, but plus minus the other options, this actually is the cheapest (except for opt 4) - its way cheaper than HL and its at par with one year membership at FF (but I wont be going to join one year jer kan) and this PB, it can be used atleast 5 years!! yeay!! - u see - i told you - me KEDEKUT - or to put it politely - I will always go for the the cheapest option! heheheh ~~

my experience? i wont lie - the first day wearing it - I was in pain! somemore I wore it for 14 hours!!!! (had to stay late plus went back to moms b4 heading back home!) - and honestly - try wearing the most comfortable shoes for the first time for 14 hours straight!?! you're bound to feel some pain jugak - ni lagi pki to shape up ur body and there is a saying "beauty is pain!!"
hehe ~~

the results? be serious! I've only wore it for 5 days! and somemore I was eating like a piranna last weekend..I couldnt have seen any changes yet least be a bit realistic aisyah! BUT WAIT !! I just weigh myself (the weighing scale is beside my bed!) hehehe~~ I've lost 2 kgs!! hmm...boleh kah??? pelik jap! pause (macam tak percaya!!!!!!) - ok, maybe Ive just lost some water or something - but atleast its better than nothing right - besides - even when u exercise - the 1st week when u lose all those kgs - its mostly water - then u gain back a bit - and after that is when the fat starts burning (hehe~ i know the facts - did my research people!)- yeayyy!!!!!! I've lost 2 kgs!!!! I dont have the number 6 infront of my weight anymoree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm loving it!!

*pausing a while to catch my breath...!! I am like super excited right now..jap jap...*



the rest? - lets just focus on losing weight and shaping the body first OK !!! (though there are other benefits by wearing this PB )

I'll update after a bit - so that I can tell the whole results!!

I am happy!!!!! (alhamdulillahhh...)

and opsss... anyone who wants to know more - ask me - I am willing to help - where to get - how much RM - bla bla bla .... ( escallonia08 [at] yahoo [dot] com ) - I just love to help people who are obsessed about losing weight as I am ~~~~ it feels like family !! ngeh ngeh !!



Razallie Zainne said...

hi, welcome to the club! and great to know you've enjoyed using your PB! It helps a lot betul tak?! Haha, stay occupied and I'm sure your hubby will be back in NO time!

aiesya said...

hehehe thanks!! definitely helps!! no backpain! and no headaches too!!

tu laa..keeping myself busy right now..

kem salam hanis!


nadia denise said... sounds to good to be true.. tempted nak cube..aku mmg kene kurus badan sgt ni..
but is there any website ker ape on this?? and soalan cepumas.. any side effects? hahaha...

Idayu a.k.a mrs yuslan said...

besh giler....bnda ni yg ko citer ari tuh ekk?aku pun nak aaa...kat cni even though aku kurang n exercise...berat bdn aku x trn pun...tensen dowh...aku pun nak kurus balik...

aiesya said...

Denice : nanti kite jumpe eh? aku dah reserve satu untuk ko.. ;)

Dayu: Hehehe...tu giler..sbb aku ni pas kahwin malas betul nak exercise..pagi weekend tau nak tido jer..ngeh..ngeh...ko series ke nak weyh? klu ko series aku call ko satgi..after ko habis keje k..!! muahh!!