Thursday, April 30, 2009

mc @ woRk !!!

huh ~~~ I got an MC today - I've had sore throat for 3 days already! - even nak telan air pun sakit bangat!! - my tonsils are swolen ! and last night - the fever came in!! - adoiiii!!! - I think its the weather - hmmm... - anyways, went to the clinic - got my meds and MC - but decided - I'm still going to work!! (baiknyeeeee aku nih!! cehhh!!!) - why? - kerja bertimbun dikkk!! - plus tak sampai hati nak tgk Malar buat KR task alone - and its closing somemore - esok dah taklah buat billing for KR ! - but PH can - so, I am coming in for work jugak tomorrow! - hapentah - Labour Day pun nak keje! - Why? - The money? - Nope - New policy - No more OT - only replacement day or time off - HUH?!?!?!! - what the...!?!? - huaaa!!! - Money is gOod!!!! - Why Stop giving us OT..?? - cut cost - recession! - go figure! - adoiii..... - summore me PH task owner! - cannot simply give other people buat - Nanti salah billing (macam haritu! ntah ape ntah!!!) - Its my QIP that goes down the drain....!! - seriously - manager - "eventho its ***** fault, but I take the Task Owner responsible! So, tolak markah.." - WTF !?!?! - fair!!??!!? - I dont think so!!!! - So, anyways - at work - very2 the quiet - cannot talk much maa!! swolen tonsils remember?!?! - concentrating on finishing my work! - came in work late so lagi gelabah - Cut Off at 1!!! - nasib baik dah terrer buat! - So managed to finish..fuhhh... - cannot jalan2 much because pening! and ade rase2 nak muntah bile bnyk gerak! (NO I AM NOT PREGNANT!!) - its the fever! - dunno what to do - Cannot talk - Cannot walk around and poya2 (and today managers takde pulak! of all the days I choose to get sick!Its the day when we actually could go poya2 kat meja org lain!! -note: I sit beside 6 managers!! duh!!) - So what did I do to release work stress?!?! - buat kuiz kat FB banyak2 !!!! - lawak btul !! - I hate quizess! - ape2laa - it was kinda fun actually - hehehe~~ - I got one more hour to go to go back! - should I continue work or keep some for tomorrow? (sebenarnye malas nak buat dah! pening beb!) - but tomorrow planning to go back early! - HUBS COMING BACK TOMORROW !!!! big YEAYYY!!!! fetching him after work!!! - I miss him!! - nak pakai cantik2 ke? - but its a Public Holiday! - I want to go work in my PJs - Ok! maybe not PJ's - but in the most comfortable clothes I could think of - maybe in my ciplak Juicy Couture sweat suit - or my baggy pants and extra large Tshirt - nyummm - very tempting - (eyh chup ~ is it only my team thats reporting for work tomorrow? hmm ...) - back to what to wear - juicy or baggy? - hummm- but then again - I havent met Hubs for a week - takkan nak selekeh2 plak - tak best laa~~ - OMG! panjangnye saya melalut - it shows huh? - how bored I am? - well - better stop - it could go on forever !!!!

owh - i'm still wearing PB despite my condition! - it just doesnt feel right without it! - I've tried tho - but nope! cannot! - hehe~ - obsession of losing weight or just the comfort of wearing it? - i think both!! haha! - seriously!!!!


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