Sunday, April 26, 2009

girly girls weEkend !!

since hubs is away, and I promised myself not to sit at home and cry like a baby..

I arranged so that my weekend would be full of activities..and well..I definitely got way ahead of myself because by the time Sunday night came..I was OUT!! FLAT!! letih gilerr ~~~

well, I took this opportunity to hang out with the girls..and this is what I did :~

Fr!day n!gHt - ShOpp!ng sPreE w!th FaRahNadz @ OU

Nadz not in the pic coz she didnt arrive until after maghrib ~ when she was around i totally forgot to take pictures..we were talking..and talking..and shopping..hehehe ~~

Did some major damage to my wallet by buying a new pair of levis (i totally needed a new pair since I only got ONE jeans left that can fit my size now~~) , a clutch and a pair of dinner shoes for the event we were going the next night !!(gaji baru masuk kan malam tu~~and i kinda spent all that one night..adoii!!!)

sAtuRdaY mOrN!ng - bReakfAst aNd sHoPp!ng (again!!) @ paSar beSaR TTDI

us @ pasar besar TTDI - me, farahnadz, madine n erin

who could have guessed that you can spend so much at a market!!!!!! well, me and madine did not expect that at least madine didnt buy anything - except for the delicious brownies!! There was a HUGE hole in my wallet by the time we were done..

Initially, the plan was breakfast - NADZ getting her baju kurung that she tempah - NADZ buying the scrumptious-pink-chiffon-batik-baju-kurung that she wanted to wear at the event that night and that was about it.

I had NO plans at all to buy anything except for breakfast..but...then..I saw IT...I've been wanting IT for so long but I never could have afford - or would actually buy a baju worth more than rm400 !!lagi2 yang nipis melayang macam tuh..hehe...but IT was cheap there (well not laa below 100 or anything..but cheaper than anywhere else Ive ever seen) and I saw (and tried on!) one I liked - so ape lagi - rembat ajelaaa... besides..I've got tons of Kenduris to go to this year - money well spent I must say! hehe~~

and how exactly did madine fit in the picture ?! I mean, setapak is SO FAR AWAY from TTDI..hehe~~ she had been a darling, and drove all away from setapak to kota damansara to teman me tido at my house the night 12 midnight!! (saya seorang yang penakut dan lemah semangat ok!) and she was not even feeling well! she had a fever for a couple of days..but still, she came...she's a true friend i tell you!! I LOVE YOU dear! ThaNks a Lotttt!!!!!!!

saTurDay aFteRnOoN - MaRina's rEcePtiOn @ gOmbAk

asfahani, mala, madine and moi!!

me and mala - yang sangat2 dah mengurus!! jeles bangat dong!! (im talking about Mala - not me!)

shahida (with her adorable son!), asfahani, shikin rahman, bride and groom, me and madine

Marina was my bedmate mase form 4..dah lama lost contact..i think maybe from after SPM..anyways..she was totally stunning that day!! seriously..I love her dress, makeup, pelamin and evrything!! cantik bangat dong~~

met a few sspian, kak shera, asfahani, shikin rahman, Mala (yang dah kurus! - again - jealous! ) and lastly shahida with her husband and cute son!

saTurdaY n!ghT - PB event @ Menara PGRM, Cheras

The Pink Ladies
hanis - farahnadz - salha - me - izan

i definitely LOVE Hanis for asking us to wear MY FAVOURITE colour!!!

I met and made friends with some great ladies that night ! It was the first time I met Hanis and Izan and they we're so friendly and we clicked instantly ! Maybe it was our love for PB that made us connected to each other - or maybe it was the love for the camera (we were like posing for the camera all night !!) - but ape2pun... its nice to have meet them ;) they're simply great people to be friends with! ;)

-more pictures at Hanis's blog! -

and lastly - SunDay mOrniNg - kaRaOke @ reDbOx, pav!l!On

this was the ONE activity I've been waiting to go to since I knew hubs was going to fly - kareok"ing" with the guRls!!!!!! its normally oUr mOnthly activity! but my last karoke session was new years eve! 4 bulan tak melalak...giannn!!!!!!! both Faza and madine had a slight fever that day..both were coughing and had the flu but they are such good friends sampai sanggup teman me lepaskan my gian (but faza masih could reach those high notes!! - tabik springgg!!!) - madine pun sama - me pulak..suara dah took me a while to get my momentum back..but mmg BEST!!!!! tak puas because only 4 hours..we are used to the 9 hours session but since both were not well so had to cut it short...but least dapat lepaskan gian terpendam!! hahahahah!! you guys rawkk!!!! me lap u guys so much!

so thats I went to work..sleepy and not enough rest..but it was so worth it!!!

*tapi saya masih tak sabar menanti kepulangan suami tercinta*

nothing beats the time you spend with your husband!! the bestt!!

cepat laa balik ye sayanggg....!!!


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