Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I can DO IT !!

OK..thats it !!


I've gained 10kg's in 4 month..!! (urggghhh..!!)

I'm not telling how much I weigh right now but I am only 5 ..yes FIVE kg lighter than hubs!! No wonder he cannot carry me to..(eyh..opsss...I'd better stop there!! haha)

I am now back at my diet mode.

Oats for breakfast. (check)

Oats for lunch. (Started today - check)

No dinner. (half check..hehe..when hubs eats..its hard for me not to..;p)

Exercise :-

~ jogging - hopefully this weekend (just bought new running shoes..the old one dah rabak!!)

~ skipping (check)

~ sit ups - adoiii..this i really2 hate!! (so no check yet!!)

~ kickboxing - dvd (check) , actually doing it (only once ! haha!)

~ joining a gym - thought of going to register at FF, already made the appointment..but to pay RM155/month...i think not yet..lets see how the jogging at the park works out first..hehe.. (kedekut!)

so thats it... I NEED TO BE STRONG !!!! I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT !!!!!
you can do it AISYAH!!! yes you can !!!!!! (adehhh...poyonyerrr!!! lol!)


nadia denise said...

ker ko gain weight sbb ade other reason? *ehem * ehem*.. ade 2nd small person ker.. hehe..

aiesya said...

denise: haha!! u are so like my aunties..manade...kan aku planning...ngeh ngeh sbb makan bnyk jer..tak control langsung!! haha!

Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

heyyyyy!! YOU ARE NOT FAT! you are, emmm.. slightly heavier than before je,, hehe!

ehh aku nak blaja kickboxing jugak!! but not that kickboxing as in kickboxing.. but the one yg cam aerobic cam dlm para para sakura!! mcm best!! hahahah! sit ups mmg since kecik malas nak buat... haha! plg malas time kena buat bfor tido kat dorm and then kn report time practice basketball! haha! those days... :)

aiesya said...

slightly mende...
10 kilo beb..10!!

tu laa..dapat idea kickboxing from jid..slalu buat b4 kahwin dulu..(ikut dvd jerr)..skrg dah malas...hehe..;p

tulaa..kan best klu skrg pun ade org paksa...kempis sket perutku yang buncit ini...hahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

aiyo , relax la kak . jgn sampai tak makan . oats jeh? HAH! i'll wait n see how long can you survive on that . Gambate you !

ps, online kejap jeh nih .


Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

hahahaha!! ok2... banyak tuuu!! tp, 10kg normal laa sbb ko pun tgh hati senang (cewahh).. but dont worry, eat healthily and looking at the rate that you are going (i mean ur plan! hehe), maybe u'll lose weight in no time.. insyaallah..