Thursday, April 9, 2009

lazy bumm ~~

i am feeling super lazy to update my blog..but i still want i guess i'll do it in point form k.


Monday : mom had a minor surgery (i am not telling what coz she's embarassed about it! haha!), me and hubs took half day off to teman mom after the surgery..the air cond was super cold!! (org yang tak sakit pun boleh jadi sakit!)

Tuesday : i had a slight nose was super red and had a really2 bad headache at work..hubs took me to the clinic after work..duhh..

Wednesday : MC !! i did some washing, folding, house cleaning, cooking...watched Twilight for the i dont know how many times ;p..and of course..sleeping...!!

Thursday (today) : back at work..but still dizzy..couldnt concentrate..eyes blurrrr~~ cant wait to go back and sleep...( but thinking to stop at OU to check out Stila's booth..heard Stila's having a clearence...hmm..really need a new almost 5 years Estee Lauder's eyeliner has reached the end of its life! hehe~~)

Friday : got a date with hubs at Cineleisure Damansara..Confessions of a I come..!! (hubs is forced to watch that movie with me!! hehehe~ kecian~~)

Saturday : Going to check out PiKom @ KLCC with hubs and ayim...manetauuu boleh dapat BOLD murah sket keerr~~ hehe..and planning to watch He's Just Not That Into You at KLCC..just see how the crowd is first.. ;)

Sunday : Hopefully at home.. ;)


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