Monday, April 20, 2009

He's going away for a week..

Hubs is going to go out of town for a week (8 days to be exect).Out of town which I could not go and join him on the weekends.Out of town where there is no network coverage!Out of town for A WEEK! (ops wait..I've already said that eh?)

I tried not to think about it.well, its only a week right? Its not a year or two years or ten years.only a week.but...the longest I've been away from hubs was during my shopping trip to Bandung..but that was only 4 days and my schedule was packed with shopping!! hehe..

I cant help myelf from feeling a bit sad. A lot actually. I depend on him for so many things. And I know this sounds a bit cheesy but I hate parting with him in the morning when we have to go to work and I definitely cant wait for 5.30 to see him again after work! (eii..mesti geli kan baca!diri sendiri pun geli! haha!) but that is the fact..maybe because we are still new.. ;p and now he's going to a place with no network coverage! Not only wont I be able to touch him and see his face..but I cant even hear his voice!?!?! for a week!?!?!? like seriously..!?!? zaman ape ntah skrg nih..isk..isk...

Of course in front of him I'm like..

"alaa..abang g keje bukan nye g joli2..sayang ok laa..."



I guess I just need to keep my self busy for a week...klu tak mesti sedih n nangis hoo~~

I hate this!

the only best part of this is that I'm going to stay at my parents..I cant deny that I do miss sleeping in my old bed..with sister dearest ~~ hehe..



cippa said...

You are most welcome to melepak at my place while Ali is away..poor girl.

aiesya said...


will definitely be an option ;)

thanks cippa!

Anonymous said...

sister dearest kata " That's MY bed now!! " Agagaga !