Monday, April 13, 2009

gadgets and facial products

Last saturday I went here :

I bought sister dearest :

She gave up her PC to concentrate on her studies..but I believe she still needs her korean songs to help her study! hehe..besides dad got me one (but a cassete walkman during my days!) when I was at school..and it helped me study late..I think it might help her too!! ;)

Bought myself :

I wanted a wireless MP3..something that I can use for running..initially I was eyeing the iPod shuffle + iWalk..but then I saw this!! Its easier to handle (no additional software required!), its brand new (it just launched 2 days before piKom..and is not in store at any Sony Centre in Malaysia yet!!) and its PINK !!!!!!! (yeayyy!!!)

the only problem is that since its still new in the market, and have not reached Malaysia yet, I had to pre-Order it..i will only get my scrumptious new pink wireless MP3 on the 25th of April..well..nvm..I can wait.... ;)

The freebies that I got :

One for me, one for hubs.. ;)

I drooolllledd over :

iPhone 3G!! Its stylish, its smart!! and its also damn expensive!! sob sob!

On Sunday..I took my mom here :

Mom had been stuck indoors for so long after her minor surgery and she really needed to get out from the house to get some fresh air..and where else to get the perfect fresh..anything...if not in a shopping complex!! laa..actually mom really2 wanted to go to piKom because she needed a new printer..but there was no way mom can stand the crowd there..I suggested to go somewhere else..since she also needed a new set of facial product..we went to OU.. ;) but we didnt stay long..her excitement of getting out of the house worn off after an hour at OU..hehe..but she did manage to get what she wanted first.. ;)

and Mom got me these :

It has been awhile since I took care of my face..I normally only use facial wash and thats it (itupun klu teringat! hehe) I've never really had problem with my skin before...but since I am getting older and my skin decides to age too..pimples are starting to pop up and my face has dry patches all when mom said the magic words.. "you want anything?".. i was like..yeayyy!!! (when it comes to things that are not gadgets..I am abit stingy!hehe!)..I only wanted the facial wash, toner and moisturizer...because I didnt want to "pau" mommy too much..but when she said its OK to take the mask and scrub take laa...sukeee!!!!!! thanks mom!! you're the best!!!!! muaahhhh!!!!! ;)

Sister found these :

My long lost LOTR Special Extended DVD Collection !! I have been searching for it for so long already..for a moment I thought I've lost them..but luckily my sister found it during cleaning the room or something..!! yeay!! tenkiu sisterrrr.... ;) i lap u!!! haha!!
Now I know what I'll be doing next weekend! ;)


Alymia Nelyza said...

wireless mp3 in pink! pink!

p/s : bodek la abg ali beli iphone.. or ipod touch~ best gile!!!

Anonymous said...

kak sitii, nkk pinjaaammm lotrrrrr, hehe


aiesya said...

Alymia Nelyza : yeah i know!! pink!! suke sngat biler nampak tu...hehehe...hmm..tu laa..tempting but i think i prefer blackberry..not so good at touch screens.. ;p

aye: hehe..can can...after dah habis tgk i'll give u eyh..(tonight watching the last dvd! ehehe)

cippa said...

so you are a gadget girl..never pictured that..anyway seronok bershopping...all pink pulak, into running...wah, really..hmm. Your mum came out from the cave..must be exciting for her, by the way mak dah pi shopping kat IKEA utk cabinet ke belum? At this age you are still pauing yr mum, I am worried, my children selalu pau, it means, it wont stop bila lepa dah kahwin nanti...sobs..sobs.

aiesya said...


yeah i know..i pun just realized..i'd rather buy a RM200 mp3 player than a rm200 baju/beg/kasut/facial "stylo" i might seem at gatherings..(perasan nyerr!!!) those are all cheap clothes!! hehe..

ikea blum pergi..maybe after she clears up the place that she wants to put the cabinet..and also wait for me to be available..i'm her personal assistance/shopper what..

hehehe...i only pau mak those kind of stuff..stuff i know i will never buy myself..biarlaa muka berjerawat pun..i tak kesah!!! pun sbb mak offer..klu tak..takde laa sampai mintak..;p