Tuesday, December 8, 2009

stripes and double hearts

I am currently addicted to my sewing machine [ok not mine, mom's..but thats beside the point]

remember the DIY bag project I did last month?

since I still havent found the perfect fabric for my beg, I made one for my friend.

just because I am so addicted and also for me to trial and error a new few things on the bag. :)

and because I love her. of course! haha.

nways. heres the bag I made her, she was so thrilled when I gave it to her because she wasnt expecting it. hehe.

I hope you guys like it too! ;)

The bag

The interior.
Fabric from Ikea.

Add On : Pacifier holder.

Add On: IC/syiling/CC holder.

Accessories : Diaper Clutch + Changing Mat

Folds up into a clutch!

Or fold it smaller for easy storage.

Accessories : Toiletries pouch.

The Whole Set

I wanted to make a bottle carrier, but couldnt find the material I needed for it. hmm.nvm. next time lorr..

Cant wait to start on mine! ;)


On a different note, went to another BFF's reception last Sunday.

They have been together since 2003. The longest among us all.

And now they're married! I am so happy for them!

So dear Apit n Sue,

Cepat2 buat baby. so that anak kita sume same batch next year!!! hehehe~~~

The sweeettttt couple. ;)

She's mine! eheh!
one of my favourite picture taken by mr hubs! ;)



m@Ri@ said...

wah dah siap beg2 itu..bestnya..maria je belum ada kesempatan (malas) nak buat..huhu..nak satu..hehe...

p/s:nnt leh pack brg baby dlm beg yg cantik itu..

iTaSaZmIn said...

sgt cantik!!! ok, can order from u yeah pasni :-p

aiesya said...

maria: yg tu aisyah buat untuk kawan aisyah..bukan aisyah punya. tak jumpe lagi kain yg berkenan di hati..ade pun mahal..camne..

ita: hehe..buat anak cepat2 yerrrr...nnti i jahit untuk u..hope i'll have my own "bilik menjahit" mase tu...insyaAllah... ;)

nadia denise said...

aisyah!!! so cantik!! u shud start a business on this! serious!! cantik ok! anyway aku book ko k when i have babies nnt.. ahhahaa

m@Ri@ said...

oo utk kawan..tp cantik...mesti terharu ur fren kan..boleh jual ni beg2 ni..;)

shera said...


OMG, tangan anda sangattt sejukkk..wahhh boleh kaya raya niii buat businessss....


aiSH@ said...

the bag was so great...sgt cantik...n 1 set plak tu...cari kt kedai pn x jumpe cmtu...

aiesya said...

dennis: hehe..boley2..cepat2 buat baby..nanti sume org pun aku bagi present baby bag! ;p

kak shera: hehe..sume pun suggest buat bisnes..mmg minat tapi tu laa..mase2... ;) but thanks!!

maria: terharu tu tak tau laa..tapi die mmg suka ;)

aisha: ni pun tak lengkap.material tak cukup.;)