Thursday, December 3, 2009

new moon.

watched new moon yesterday with mr Hubs [finally!]

eventho many reviews said that new moon is not as good as twilight. I have to disagree.

somehow, i like this movie better.

but wait.

I am not here to tell you about how awesome the movie was.

or how super HOT!!! were the La Push's warewolves.

BUT, about how I totally heart Bella's turquoise Bangle !!!!!!

it was EXACTLY like the one I admired at Penang's night market last weekend!!!!!

I really wanted the bangle, but it was rm200++ [ a bit much for a piece of jewelery for me]

I bought a ring instead, similiar to the bangle. with a turquoise stone. - rm28 only maaa! ;)

but now looking at her wearing it in the movie, makes me want one too!!!

and the ring too!!!! coolness~~

tapi... where can get the bangle below rm100 eyh?? [or below rm50 ke..hehe..melampau tak permintaan...hmmmm.... ]


my conversation with hubs after the movie:

me: abangggggg!!!! pasan tak Bella punya gelang??sebijik yg sayang nak kat Penang tuuu....cincin yg die pki pun smart gak!!

hubs: hah? gelang n cincin die pakai pun sayang pasan ke? sayang ni tgk cerita ke tgk ape?mane perasan.

huh! GUYS.



cippa said...

sayang tengok semuanye...hehehe.Women are known for multi tasking at everything, at anytime..hehehe

faralazyarts ♥ said...

i ske jacob~!

aiesya said...

cippa: tu laa psal..hehe...we just cant help ourselves right. we're awesome like that. bak kate aye. hehe

faralazyarts: kita team jacob in movie coz he's so super super HOT!! tapi team edward dalam buku..sbb edward giler sweet dalam buku..hehehehe...can eyh..