Wednesday, November 18, 2009

makkkkk aaiihhh...panjanggnyaaa list !!!!!

if my calculation is right, I'd be in my 28th week next week. (yes 7 month!! giler cepat!)

I guess, it'll be safe for me to start buying baby stuff..a bit of this and a bit of that..kan.. ok laa dah 7 month... [i'm so worried i'll jinx it]

so, i thought today i'll make a list of what to buy...and i found out that i was in total lost! blank.

naturally, i started to google.. typed "newborn checklist" .. a million of hits pop out.. and i was smiling. easy.

when I opened the lists, I got the shock of my life!

my first words...

makkkkk aaiihhh...panjanggnyaaa list !!!!!

seriously! contoh eyh:

Bottle feeding
1. feeding bottles & teats - 3set
2.Bottle & teat brush - 1
3.Bottle drying racks - 1 (optional)

1. Breast pump set - 1
2. Breast Milk Storage Container(Bottles & Disposable bags - 20pc
3. Nursing bra - 2
4. Breast pad - 1 box
5. Nursing Pillow - 1
6. Nipple Cream - 1

1. Baby Cot - 1
2. Plastic Drawers - 1 (optional)
3. Mosquito Net & Stand - 1
4. Crib Set ( Pillow & Bolster, Cot Bumpers, Fitted Sheet, Comforter) - 2
5. Mattress ( Latex / Foam ) - 1
6. Waterproof bed pads - 1
7. Blanket - 2
8. Night Light - 1

1. Sleepsuit - 5pcs
2. Daywear - 5pcs
3. Cloth Diapers - 12pcs
4. Disposable Diapers - 50pcs
5. Mitten and Booties - 5 pairs
6. Receiving Blankets - 1pcs
7. Swaddle/Bedung - 5pcs
8. Barut - 5pcs
9. Socks - 5pcs
10. Handkerchief - 3 pcs

Bathing & Grooming
1. Bath Tub - 1
2. Wash Cloths - 1
3. Bath Towels - 2
4. Toiletries - 1 set

Health Care & Hygiene
1. Grooming Set ( Comb, Nail Clipper, Scissors) - 1
2. Medicine Set ( Medicine Dropper, Medical Syringe - 1 (optional)
3. Minyak telon / Vicks - 1
4. Diaper rash cream - 1
5. Cotton bud - 1
6. Baby wipes - 2

1. Stroller/ Travel System - 1
2. Infant Car Seat - 1
3. Diaper Bag - 1
4. Travel mattress set - 1
5. Travel waterproof bed pad - 1

1. Tempah Tukang Urut - 5 sessions
2. Set Jamu Bersalin - 1 set
3. Bengkung - 1

mind you. thats one of the shortest I could find!! like seriously..??

i knew i had to buy clothes for the baby. but i wasnt expecting like so many different kinds of things in one category.

contoh for breastfeeding...i thought i just needed my "sisters" for one told me in needed Breast pump set,Breast Milk Storage Container, Nursing bra, Breast pad, Nursing Pillow,Nipple Cream bla bla bla....errrr...

itu belum masuk list hospital lagi.


its not how much money i have to spent i'm worried about [ok maybe a bit], but the quantity of stuff i have to remember to buy. bnyknyerr!!!

my main concern is i'd forget to buy something important then last minute baru realize that the thing takde mase nak guna tu. yelaa..even if i make a checklist pun. beli sikit2...mesti ingat-lupa-ingat ape yg dah dibeli..pastu kompom akan terlupa nak tick the checklist or ingat dah beli...aiyoohh... [membebel!]

ini belum tgk brand lagi, i mean there's lots of baby brands out there kan...pureen laa, anakku laa..ape laa..hmmm....itu nak kene google and read the reviews lagi...i definitely dont like last minute preparation. nanti panik. kepala serabut. rase nak marah2. uiiiii....i must prepare and make a proper list..nk survey harga lagi..nak quality bagus but cheap! [i got that from my dad!]

my heart is beating pretty fast right now.

ok aisyah. take deep breath. in - out - in - out.

40-26 = 14 weeks = 3 month...

howh. ok. lambat lagi. sempat.



S u H a I d A said...

su yang pening~~~panjang sungguh..hehe

cippa said...

Dont worry too much. Just relax. A lot more time to beli. Beli yang penting dulu. Cippa dulu, tak lah beli banyak sangat barang..just yang perlu dulu macam baju baby, sarung tangan,kaki,barut perut,botol susu, bantal and cadar baby...etc..if you think everything is essential, you will panic meh...ingat baby cepat membesar and nanti kan dapat gifts...but its fun too to go shopping for baby clothes

evamy said...

Waaah 7 months sudah! Time flies so fast ek...Hope you and the family are doing well.

Alah, senang je solution dia aisyah..just list the things that you need but tak sempat nak beli and ask others to give them to you for your baby shower (or macam wedding registry tu, hehe)..

Good luck, do take it easy and do not hyperventilate too much okay! :))

aiesya said...

su: tu laa psal.terkejut nih tgk panjang nyer yg amat!

cippa: hehe..tu laa..tgh nak sort yg penting2..but bila tgk the list mcm sume jer penting.. then how?

kak eva: hehe..not there yet..but almost..heee..ask others to give? aiyahh...boleh ke..?? hehehe..seganlaa.. ;) thanks sis! biler laa boley jumpe ni..rinduu nk sembang2 cam dulu.. ;p

[ Hanie ] said...

hahaha thanks for sharing. adoi lg panjang dari list preparation nak kawen ke ni? huihhh :D

The Queen Bee said...

now u can start dah u only have 3 months to go.. mcm i start when i was 5 months preggy. contoh if u already knw the gender beli lah baju2, 10 pasang cukup for new born, bottle susu amik Avent or Dr brown sgt2 elok.. breast pump if u plan to breast feed go for medela Freestyle sbb u bekerja.

Stroller pun penting gak amik yg boleh tahan smpi 4 yrs like peg perego. kalau brand combi ke sweet cherry tu x berapa ok sgt.. huhu

seriously u need at least 5-10k. better start now sikit2 nnt bila towards the end nak beli selepukk pengsan! huhu