Monday, December 7, 2009


I plan to breastfeed my baby. as long as possible. insyaAllah.

at first I was contemplating whether or not to get a breastpump before I deliver since a friend of mine told me to get my breastpump only when I want to start working.

but after reading countless of forums and views from experienced working moms and also this article about why a breastfeeding mother need a breast pump, I've decided to buy a breastpump beforehand.

and so the research on breastpump began. I literally got a headache after reading all the reviews, comparing all the prices only after one day of research!! I strongly smell of Minyak Cap Kapak at the end of the day. There were so many brands, so many types, so many prices, so many opinions.

my initial plan on buying the cheapest just went down the drain. ye laa. I could be stingy about certain things, but I guess this one I have to consider investing a bit coz I surely dont want any torn tissue or having to buy the breast pump 2-3 times or whatever.

after 2 days of research and hours of readings, I've come down to this:

best/famous brands : Avent, Medela, Ameda, Spectra

BP types : Manual, Single Electric Pump, Double Electric Pump

price range : RM219 - RM2k (crazy eyh!!!)

and here are the ones I might consider buying.


Philips Avent ISIS Manual Breast Pump


Medela Harmony Manual Breastpump


Electric - Single Pump

Avent ISIS IQ UNO Breast Pump


Spectra 3 Electric Breast Pump


Medela: Swing Breastpump with 2-Phase Expression


Electric : Twin / Double Pump

Ameda: Lactaline Dual Breast Pump


Medela: Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump With 2-Phase Expression


OK. Maybe not the last one.

I've read many of the working mamas suggesting to buy the dual breastpump, coz its faster and more convinient. which is true I guess, I wouldnt afford to spent an hour (every 2-3 hours) pumping milk in the office. I'll go back at 9pm everyday if I do that!!

BUT, expensive eyh? that I havent include the Medela Freestyle (RM2k!!!!!) which suppose to be the best dual breastpump. urgh.

even RM700 is expensive for me. ni lagi 2k kannnnnnn...

but when I start working, I think do need the electric type, dengan all the new projects and tasks coming in next year, I dont have much rest time. just maybe not the dual breastpump.

since we still got so many many things to buy (first baby kan hehe) plus we're moving into our new home in the near future. mmg tight sket laa budget....

so pk2 n bincang2 ngan mr Hubs, I've decided to get the manual type first. Try tgk camne. I mean, klu org dulu2 bleh jer survive (even my ex-manager is using the manual one at work now), why cant I, right? Its all in the mind...ewaahhh...hehehe..

but if mmg katekan at that time, its impossible to use the manual one, and I really2 need the electric type. baru pk lain nanti. ;p , the manual one could still be used during short outings kan.. ;)

now, which one? I think I'll get this

Philips Avent ISIS Manual Breast Pump Out and About Set

the set includes:

-ISIS Breast Pump with Sterile Travel Covers
-Microfibre Insulated Shoulder Bag
-2 Milk Storage Bottles with sealing discs 125ml/4oz
-2 Milk Storage Bottles with sealing discs 260ml/9oz
-2 Newborn Teats

The set retails at RM388, but now with the sales, most places offers 20% less for the set (RM310.40 after less).

but yesterday, I went to Babyland year end sales at SS2, and the set is selling for RM270 only!! what a bargain right? but me being the stubborn me, I insisted to find the set online first coz normally we could get it cheaper online, but so far the lowest I could find is RM300..(menyesal menyesal!!!)

I am heading to SS2 after work. praying the set will still be available coz there's only 2 sets left on the shelf yesterday

mintak2 laa ade lagi....aminnn....



cippa said...

I have a battery operated one. I kept it clean and in the original box. I rasa kalau kita sterilise the holder and bottle , boleh lagi pakai kot.If you are interested to have it as a spare..please tell me.Its still new actually,I bought two actually...satu manual and satu battery operated.

aiesya said...

yes cippa..yes....;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

hehehehe.... ;)

m@Ri@ said...

maria pn dah beli..even mahal skit tp tu kire invest la..kalau berjaya esok leh beli yg lebih mahal kan..apepun chaiyok dlm usaha utk bf kan baby..k..;)

Anonymous said...

sy pilih eletrical pump. sstgh org cakap manual ni sakit. tak rugi invest utk yg mahal sket nnt boleh guna utk anak2 yg lain :) i choose for pump-in-style.

pandai lah u menjahit..

aiesya said...

maria: tu laa..pulak tadi tgk manager aisyah dok pump guna avent manual kat surau tadi. bnyk jer susu dapat dalam mase 15minit. semangat ni!!! maria pun gudluck yer!! dah dekat dah tu..

ano: hehe..yeah..aisyah nak tgk dulu keadaan.if perlu then beli.if tak then guna mane yg ade jer.hehe. ;) thanks!! ;)

eqinDork said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. i've actually seen a person so this breast pumping thingy before !

The Queen Bee said...

do not go for manual. seriously. lambat gile pump. i have both. dulu pk mcm u gak, nak save. tp rugi je. better buy medela mini E murah je. single pump. baru 300++

kat robinsons tgh sale ni. pegi la tgk worth investment. benda yg baik2 ni go for yg elok. kalau manual takut give up je nnt.

Im getting medela free style.