Sunday, November 8, 2009

sampai menitik-nitik

yesterday, before sending hubs off to Penang, we decided to jalan2 a bit at OU.

then. as soon as we entered OU's basement parking, I noticed a very odd sound coming from behind. so I told hubs to stop and take a look.

i dunno how or when it happened, but turned out we had this

a flat tire!!!

luckily. nothing happened on the road. alhamdulillah .

luckily. we were already inside the basement, so we were covered from the blazing sun outside. alhamdulillah.

luckily. there were no major damage to the rim or anything [since we didnt realize when the tyre was flat] . alhamdulillah .

luckily. the spare tyre was in good condition. alhamdulillah.

the unlucky part is for hubs, since he had to change the tyre alone. I was just standing there. helplessly doing nothing. [there was nothing I could help pun.]

berusaha bersungguh2

hubs took only 20 minutes to change the tyre [ my hero!! ;) ]

butt..... he was sweating like crazyyyy!!!

eeeewwwww !!!

punya laa berpeluh sampai menitik2 atas lantai...dasyatt.... ;p

I thought he didnt want to jalan2 after that because he looked so tired. but he wanted to.

alang-alang dah sampai katanya. biar berbaloi. ;)

...and now he's in penang for 3 weeks... sob sob.. :(


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salha said...

wah kesiannye u all...but susahla nk explain...i pun accident kt ou...adakah ou itu berpuaka...huhuhu...