Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DIY project : Hip Mama Diaper Bag

hye hye!

it took me 4 days to get back in the mood for blogging. hehe.

spent all day on the bed on Monday [turns out my body couldnt take long journeys anymore!] , catching up on my blogroll list on Tuesday [sambil bekerja- heh!] , MC on Wednesday [fever - but managed to have lunch @ thecurve n shop a bit @ ikea - I blame mom! hehehe!]

I dont feel like writting about my trip to penang since it was more like a romantic [eceehhh] weekend getaway for me n hubs - hehehe... no pictures no nothing.. only boring stuff couples do.heh.

but I do feel like sharing this little project I managed to squeeze in [besides lunch n shopping] and also finish yesterday [slept at 2am!]

remember I was fussing about all the baby bags are so ridiculously expensive? I found a solution to it! DIY !!

I was browsing thru some DIY crafts blog the other day, and found this Hip Mama Diaper Bag tutorial written by A Mingled Yarn [its FREE!!]. At first, it looked complicated, but I printed out the tutorial anyway, hoping that I would manage to follow the steps given.

So, yesterday, with full determination, I turned this

Fabric from Ikea [rm19.90/meter]

into this.......

front view

front pockets

back zip pocket

interior with 4 pockets

I added a place to put my keys

Turns out, the instructions were not that hard to follow, I did have some bumps here and there..but I thought I did good for a first timer ;) [i skipped some parts like the interfacing and the metal snaps coz i was just lazy heh - but it turned out better than I thought it would be] , I also used cotton fabric for the lining instead of vinyl coz I read somewhere in the comment that it'll be easier to wash when the bag gets dirty! just dump it in the machine! ;)

I must say, I love love love the bag!! It has 9 pockets all together, its the perfect size and its spacious which Im pretty sure I can fit everything I need inside the bag! PLUS it costs me LESS THAN Rm50!!! [see..who says you need to spend thousands from your account just to have the best - besides, you yourself define whats the best for you. not others! *wink*]

I cant wait to find a fabric with paterns that I really like to make my baby bag [owh, I forgot to tell yer, this one's a trial bag! hehe] - loving the Amy Butler designs but its so hard to find in Malaysia.. :(

Planning to make matching diaper clutch, changing pad, bottle holder and whatever I could think of later with the bag! <3

and today, I received these:

fabrics I ordered from Kids Island , very cheap, only rm10/meter and its heavy cotton! I dunno what to do with them yet, but I've got plenty of choices to choose from this blog I found DIY Bag Lover .. it provides links to tutorials for all crazy cool DIY bags! I super love this blog.

opss..I think I'm going a bit crazy here...hehe..anyways...for those who loves art and crafts as much as I are some links that I think are super wicked!

DIY Bag Lover [my fav of course!]
oh franson!
little needle
my sweet den
my sewing corner
nisa abas
sweet lil craft shop
sew chic and unique

well..those are some of them....theres a lot of links in the websites itself...rajin2 click click click laa yer... i promise, you'll be mesmerized!!! enjoy! ;)



Suzie said...

Ya Allah!Aisyah ni rajin la...dah la pandai buat tudung,skills ni tau n boleh buat duit...rajin n tak rajin jek nak proceed :-)

m@Ri@ said...

wah rajinnya awak..nnt sy leh try buat gakla..pastuh kalau jadi leh hadiah kan kat org kn..mesti best kan sbb kita buat sendri..

aiesya said...

kak suzie: hehe..aisyah buat mostly out of passion..lagi2 bile untuk diri sendiri..semangat nak buat..hehe..klu nak bukak biznes tu blum tentu rajinnyer..huk..

maria: betul2..baru arr cam best bile buat sendiri..puas hati n lagi bernilai.. ;) try laa..tak susah pun actually..die nyer arahan jelas.. ;) good luck yer!

S u H a I d A said...

aisya!!giler rajin teramat rajin teramat rajin la!!hehehe..terkejut su nengok n baca..ish2..mmg rajin..wat kan utk su satu!hahaha

erinchunk said...

ko memang natural born! tahniah babe! memang cool bag ko ;)

aiesya said...

Su: hehe.rajin eyh? Try laaa buat.senang jer. ;)

Erin: thanks babe! Suke gle beg tuh. Ni semangat nk cari kain lagi nih.heheh

amalkhalid said...

agreed with erin...u're meant for those stuff...n cantik sgt...

Cikgu Mardiah said...

salam aiesya..really admire u'r work! sy minat gak tp xde mesin...blm leh beli lg..
nway, ade lg laman web menarik utk dikongsi...

Anonymous said...

salam..akak..really admire ur work..akak belajar cam ne ea..sukaaaaaaaaa sangat2 jahit2 ni..