Sunday, December 20, 2009

not a very productive weekend.

i slept most of the time. pagi, tghr, ptg n mlm. [sampai headache!!]

but I managed tosqueeze in a few activities.

1st one: little sis really2 wanted to watch Avatar. I had no idea what the movie was about but I really thot it was an anime or something like that. wasnt really in the mood to watch kids stuff but being the nice sister that I am [huhu..masuk bakul angkat sendiri beb!] , I took her to watch Avatar at tgv Kepong. got the earlybird ticket, rm7 ok laa..tak laa rase membazir kan for anime....but..oooohhh...I was so wrong..not only it wasnt an anime was the best movie that I've watch this year!! ten thumbs up!!! every single thing about the movie was super cool!!! planning to go watch again this thursday...3D version!!! cant wait!!! yeay!!

go go watch!!!! best gilerrr!!!

second: Me, hubs, lil sis, mom n dad attended my neighbour's wedding reception @ dewan tun rahah, menara yayasan tun abdul razak on Sunday night. the food was superb..!! me, mom n lil sis were camwhoring the whole night! haha.. n owh..the bride mesti laa lawa kan malam tu...nways...

To Kak Nani n Ramdan..
Selamat Pengantin Baru!!
Semoga bahagia ke anak cucu...insyaAllah... ;)

The newlyweds.. ;)

sweet ol' couple! hehe.. ;)

the ladies of dr sam! ;p

us ;)

[i look more like a fat lady rather than a pregnant one no?]

third: went for a family picture session at a photo-store near my parents house.. will post up the pictures later..its suppose to be ready by next week....not so excited bout the picture tho..sbb me lebarrrrr giler!!! huh!

last one: finally, after more than a month those fabrics have been put aside [again..didnt want to jinx anything!!] , I've started on my next baby project.. I'm so excited!! ;) hehe..I guess its safe to start now since I'm already in my 32 weeks.. klu kira2 normal pregnancy 38-39 weeks kan..I've only got another 6-7 weeks to finish 2 blankets, 3 bedsheets, 6 pillow cases, 4 bolster cases, 2 sets of baby cot side protector and 1 set of baby bag...hmm..sempat ker eyh..?? hehe. ;)

baby blanket-in the making!

pregnancy picture update : 31 weeks!!


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