Sunday, November 15, 2009

one gloomy day

i'm in my office.

its raining outside.

feeling all gloomy inside.

trying to cheer up and find something exciting to write.

but just dont feel like it.

altho i had a pretty great weekend - shopping with mom at jln TAR, met with a client from Sabah, a wonderful makan2 at wa's (cu masak mee kari n carrot cake with cheese cake yg super yummy!!), meeting ol friends at a friends wedding and collected another 5 wedding invitations-all in december! huhu~

but still - cannot get myself to write about any of the above.

i wish....i wish...i wish....

i was home on my bed. sleeping.

and i feel like crying too. I dunno why. I just do.

maybe i miss him so much.

looking forward for friday.

a trip to penang. yeay!

hmm..nope..even that..still couldnt cheer me up.



m@Ri@ said...

eh awak nk dtg penang ke?

aiesya said...

haah maria, jumaat ni. husband kat sana jumaat amek cuti.saje jalan2..;)

cippa said...

Alahai, kesian dia...rindu kat hubby eh.Tak apa, peluk bantai kuat-kuat and baby too.Sometimes, the absence, makes the love more me. heheh.