Sunday, November 29, 2009


while i was hangin' at my SIL's.

little nephew:

"cik esah, cik esah, Nano (MdNoor) nak bau cik esah"

I was confused. Bau? then his nose was at my cheek, literally smelling me.

"emmmmm.....sedappppp....macam mami (thats what he calls his mother)"



he has curly hair. a great smile. a seriously cute laugh. and he's simply the funniest kid I know.

there's always something he does or says that makes us laugh like crazy.

there was this one time he was talking with the neighbour kids, and they were bragging about the things they have.. [normal kids behaviour I guess]

after all the kids have done with their "aku ade ni..aku ade tu..

this kid went... "Nano ade nenek gemuk.."

hahahahahaha. he's definitely one original kid!

Cik Esah sayang Nano!

Opss.. Mommy loves u too little A! <3


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