Sunday, January 31, 2010

while watching the man i love do all the work..

Am currently at our rental house in kota damansara.

All our stuff have been moved yesterday to our new home.

Today hubs wanted to clean the house b4 we return the key to the owner.

I helped sweep the floor. And did a little bit of mopping but that was it.

hubs didn't let me do anything else. He even yelled at me for removing something heavy. Terkejut tu yg terjerit tu..hehehe..

Now I'm sitting on the floor watching him do all the work..actually he didn't want to bring me but I insisted. ;p

Somehow I feel sad. Looking at this empty house.

Although its not ours, but this is our first house as a married couple.

We spent our first year together here.

All my first wifely duty i did here.

All the memories..


Ah well...we've got so many more years together..insyaAllah..

We'll just make more sweet memories in our new home.. ;)


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