Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DIY: Reversible Shoulder Bag

another project completed.

nope. not another baby project.

but for the mama instead.

remember these?

well, i just couldnt resist the temptation to make something out of them.

so i spent the whole night finishing this.

Reversible Shoulder Bag by Lula Louise

I printed out the tutorial a few month ago but didnt have the fabrics to make it. I super super love the bag! trus pki the bag to my checkup today! hehe.. ;)

more pictures of the bag:

and tonight...i managed to finish another one...for lil sisterrrr.... [baiknyerrr kakak kamu ini..!!] hahaha...

this is hers..

i added the pocket.. [its not in the tutorial]

her reversible side.

and another good news.

we received these today.....

a bunch of keys. 28 to be exact! ^_________^

alhamdulillah... ;)

after the all the waiting..we finally got the keys to our home. ;)

its not big or luxurious but its ours. and i'm so grateful.

my favorite part of the house.

the kitchen cabinet!!!!!!!! hehe...dun have to spent thousands [alhamdulillah!!!!] , the owner b4 this dah siap renovate last year...suka! ;) -trus g tgk rumah after amek kunci..giler excited..!! hehe....

cant wait to start decorating.... [maybe after confinement?]



ep@ Zubidi said...

ecah....cantiknya beg tue...ehehehe...
pandai betul menjahit...
and cabinet rumah 2 adalah sgt cntik...
xpyh nak renovate lgi...

misshant said...

dear aisyah,
do u remember me?
i m ur wingmate zaman matrik who u love to tapau mcV cookies from.dont ring any bell? oh, never mind..

wey, i m so in love with the bag u DIY. can i make an order?;);) plis plis preety2 plis!

roger me if u cud.
-rehan hussein-