Thursday, January 7, 2010

tagged by lil sister ;)

Its 415am.since I still couldn't sleep..I tot it'll be fun to do this.

25 Random Things .

Rules :

Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

1. As much as people think I love the colour pink (which I do), I love white even more. ;)

2. Experiencing the most painful backache I've ever had in my whole life right now.

3. Love Love Love my family. And by family I mean parents,siblings,aunts n uncles,cousins,my inlaws...every single one of them. I love!

4. Little A is wrestling inside me now. Adehh.

5. Gadget freak. Very stingy when it comes to clotes,handbags,shoes and what not. But gadget?? I can go without eating for a month just to save money to buy myself a new gadget. (Diff people diff passions right?)

6. Think. Nope. Knows little sister is a wayyyyy better writer..she can write I tell ya! Me? it in english or bm. I suck! Its just all over.

7. Just switched off the AC. Freezing...

8. Miss basketball like crazy!!!!!!!! S.C.U.D go fight win!!!

9. Heard mommy going down. Hmm.. Coffee at 4 mom? Hehe..

10. Started sewing at the age of 9. From outfits for my barbie doll collection to batu seremban. Once made a mermaids tail (obsessed with The Litlle Mermaid that time). Love sewing till now. ;)

11. Just came out of the bathroom.haha.

12. Misses dear hubs so much..

13. Accident-prone. Goshh..I couldn't make a day without bumping into something!! Hehe..I've had stiches, burnt, fell down a bicycle once and torn the entire skin of my right cheek!! Twisted ankle is a norm. And the list goes on..huhu..

14. Owes cousin syuhaida like 5 gifts!! Hehe..yes I remember...just dunno what to get u laa cousin..u got everything already!! Hahaha

15. 15 down..10 more to go... Uhhhhh...

16. Got another hour to go before I get up for work..why can't I sleeepppp?!?!?! Pfttt..

17. Is very grateful for everything that mom n dad has done for me..I keep thinking more and more of their sacrifices during my I wish I could give my baby everything that mom n dad ever gave me...thanks mom.thanks dad!

18. Penakut! I'm scared of ghosts! I don't watch scary movies..or I try to avoid watching any coz if I do.I'd have nightmares for daysss!!!!serious!

19. 34 weeks pregnant. 6 weeks to go...ketaq lutut weyhhh!!!

20. I usually don't have any trouble sleeping. I can lie down anywhere and zZZzzz in matter of seconds...hubs is so jealous of me..he has a hard time to get sleep at night..and end up terkebil2 until 3 in the morning..which explains why its hard to wake him up in the morning..poor hubs.

21. eyes are half closed.shud I stop now and continue later? Hmmm.. Yes.. ;) nitey nite!

22. In fifah's car..on the way to work..its sure going to be rough day..can hardly keep my eyes open even

23. Mom says I'm a drama queen..huh..I have to disagree.well.ok.maybe a little..huhu..mothers sure knows best right? Lol!

24. Is very very very hungry right now..wish I could bring my toaster to office..toasted bread is all I can swallow ..

25. Not going to tag anybody specific. Just everyone who reads this blog of mine. Thank you very much. ;)


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mirra said...

hey aishah...getting nearer heh? nervous, excited semua rasa mesti ada kan? hehe...back pain n susah nak tido in the late 3rd trimester tu biasalaa... i wish u all the best k