Sunday, January 24, 2010

picnic with the Omarians

just came back from ikea. hehe..

dragged hubs dengan alasan "mase pantang 2 bulan tak kuar rumah.."

so, mase berjalan habis2an... but then lasted only for 1+ hour..letih.. ;p

got myself these...

they are just so many to chose from [old patterns restocked].. me likey! ;)

i see bags...and more bags... ;)

* * * * * * *

had a blast this morning at lake garden...

the "Omarians" picnic..of course!!!

lets let the pictures do the talking k..

the food preparation

eating time!

poyo jer pki kasut..tak jog pun! haha!

and then the activities..

teh lead the aerobic...

mom sgt bersungguh2 ye!

cippa was so excited..tagging and running... kak syu was laughing so hard sampai berguling2!!

acara : lari bawa pisang dalam sudu! [?]

passing the pisang

wa steady jer..

cu, gambate!

tizah..ur not suppose to hold the banana!! ehem2!


teh and kak syu was the last runners...who won eyh? lupa..

next game : batman, superman, spiderman, ultraman

aksi superman!!!!

realize all the games were played by the aunties [and some cousins sbb nak cukupkan korum]

then where were all the anak2 buah??

on the tikars...laughing their hearts out looking at their motherss.. [but not embarrassed eyh!!]

and the more younger generations?

of course at the taman mainan... tak dan ape dah lari g sana dulu..

group photo!!

and family photo [not in picture: abang - sleeping on the couch at home, atif - at school, menantu - taking the picture! ;) ]

i super duper love my family..they are just the best...especially the aunties...when you're with them, you tend to forget they are in their 40's and 50's .. the way they talk, laugh, gossip [mind you..not the usual org tua punya gossip, today was about suri cruise's punya wardrobe, and about brad n jolie!] are like teenagers , they even know the latest hip song on the radio.. maybe not the words sendiri pun tak updated cam tu..haha ;p serious best and sporting...!!! ok enuf..kang kembang kang... ;p

balik umah trus tido sampai kol 4!! padahal bukan buat ape pun...dudukkkk aje.. ;p ingat nak berjalan but hehehe...sampai2 trus makan and that was it...tak larat sbb penuh sgt...

k laa nak tido dah ni...gudnite people! xoxo!

me at 36++ weeks! ;)


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NadZ said...

besttttt!!!event family yang menariks!dulu2 family aku selalu buat, dengan jiran jemiran kat tmn tasik lar dedulu sbb time bebudak kan..hihi...:)

nways nape aku rase perut aku lagi besar dari perut koo???!!!!!!haha ive yet to go and check my baby's weight (haha padehal esok jer pun) tapi rase2 mcm terextra dah ni :P

u look so chomelsss!!!!i loike!! :D