Friday, January 22, 2010

DIY : Baby blanket (by request)

today I made this.

i promised my reader to show how I make the baby it goes..

[sorry because the pictures are blur..took using my phone camera..kenot find where mr hubs put the memory card...just hope you guys understand my writings... ;p]

so firstly, here's the patern i did for my blanket. you can always mix n match and change according to ur preference.

what you will need

for the middle part: 6" x 6" cotton = 35 pieces (mix colours according to your patern)
borders: 34" x 5 " cotton = 2 pieces
44" x 5" cotton = 2 pieces (colour according to patern)
back: 44" x 34" = 1 piece
Sewing machine (you could hand sew, but will take longer time to finish lorr)
pins (to secure you pieces when you sew)

** the printed cotton = rm29/3 meters from ikea (enuf for blanket, bedsheet, pillow n bloster case)
red and yellow plain cotton = rm3/meter from Kamdar
red plain flannel = rm4.50/meter from Kamdar

1. cut all the pieces.

2. sew the 6"x6" together according to your patern using 1/2" seam allowance.

closer image after all the 6"x6" are sewn together.

3. sew the border to the finish body. again using 1/2" seam allowance.

4. fold and make a triangle at every edge. secure with pin.

5. cut excess after securing the edges.

6. place the finish front piece with the back piece together. right side together.

7. secure with pins.

8. sew the 2 pieces together. again with 1/2" seam allowance.

sew all 4 edges. make sure leave 4" opening to turn the blanket inside out.

9. turn the blanket inside out and sew the opening by hand.

10. top stitch the angle and around the border.

something like this.

and voila!!! your blanket is done!!!! ready for your little precious to use. but do remember to wash first yee!! ;)

very the simple right?

happy trying!!



shera said...

omg..sungguh takkk senangggg ok!

aisyah..anak ko girl ke? sure dia pun pandai menjahit nanti..ahahaha :)

aiesya said...

kak shera, manede susah...simple jer..jahit tegak jer..hehehe..

nampak cam tuk baby gurl ke?

Nisa said...

aah shera...dgn mesin jahit, semua akan mudah

aiesya, in between the front piece and the back piece tu ade letak pape tak?

flannel piece tu awak letak kat which part of the blanket?

btw, good job u got here! memang puas hati kan kalo buat sendiri ;)

aiesya said...

kak nisa,

for this one aisyah tak letak ape2 in between..sbb kain flannel tu dah tebal..for the first one yg hijau-cream tu aisyah ade letak kain fleece in between, gunting from ikea nyer blue fleece blanket yg rm13.90 tuh..hehehe...

but mak ckp takyah buat tebal2 sbb malaysia ni panas..unless bilik aircond 24 hours..klu tak baby panas..

kain flannel tu untuk back piece jer..yg depan sume cotton..nak buat sume cotton pun ok..then put the flannel in between..

haah..mmg puas hati..n one of a kind kan! kita jer yg ade..hehehe.. ;)

shera said...

ainun,kalo ada mesin jahit xreti guna, sama aje..ahaha

errr, mayb sb warna merah? sb tu aku ckp girl? :)

aiesya said...

hehe..klu girl kale pink n purple sume.. ;p