Monday, January 4, 2010

tra la la la la

* work has been super super duper hectic. Juggling 2 teams in one day. 1st half at old team.struggling to finish one day task in half day (luckily I'm super veteren in doing my sap soi maa..haha..yelaa tu..), 2nd half at new team..trying so hard to learn everything I can before the person I replace resigns..not easy since everything is totally different from what I did at my previous team..but hey..when there's a will, there's a way right?!

* went for ultrasound last week..alhamdulillah baby sihat..weights at 1.8kg..dunno if normal or not..but doc said there's no specific statistic in Malaysia for normal or all depends on the mother's size..hmmm... ;p

* Tok Ajah was at Mom's last week..sedih when I think of her..she gets easily confused now...was sitting beside her, teman her lipat baju (bukan dera tauuuu!! She insisted on folding the clothes!) , I was sewing my baby's blanket,,she keeps repeating the same story..all I could do was giving different response everytime she repeats the same story..sometimes the facts of her story are not so accurate..but don't tell her that..dah kene dah.. "Atuk tau laaa anak atuk.." ..ayah said layan kan aje..I wish I could be a better grandaughter and do more than just listen to her stories..but then again...if that makes her happy and not think too much about things yg membebankan..I'm willing to hear her stories 1000 times sekalipun..I dun mind..

* went to e@curve to find hubs naruto headband (I am not telling why he needs it..its just so..hmmm..nvm..hehe) well anyways..went to ikea after that..bought summore fabrics!!!! Urgh!!!I swear I gotta keep away from fabric stores..its just so addictive I tell you!!!in my defence..the new cotton collection were so cute!!! I manage to stop myself at 2 diff paterns..if it wasn't because this month my duit dah semput..kompom amek all the paterns yg available!!!huh!!!

* went out with mom n lil sis dgn niat nak beli her school stuff..ended up in ariani n jakel n borong cam tak ingat dunia (that would be mom k..not I said..semput..;p) anyways..didn't get anything from lil sis back to school list siang took her out that night with hubs to buy all she needed..was litterally crying and almost sat down on the floor at giant because my legs n ehem ehem were soooo in pain because bnyk sgt berjalan..realized that mmg betul dah sarat sebenarnya diri ini..honestly..I don't feel "sarat" mentally..takpi takleh deny yg mmg sarat dahhhhhh...heheeheee..

* stretchmark kat perut dah macam peta dunia...huduuuuhhhhhh!!!!(Padan muka! Siapa suruh malas2 sapu losyen..). Hubs was like.. "So...??" (Tak memahami betul emosi diri ini.huh) ..I was like texing my fren kat uk to help me buy the elemis oil as soon as the 1st sign of stretchmark showed..hope she can post for me..klu tak have to find other alternative..mahal sket pun takpe laa..sobsss...

* hubs bought me a toilet floor mat because I keep on TERgelincir when I take my shower or amek wuduk..kesian at the sinki, sket lagi nak tercabut sbb cannot stand me hanging on to it everytime nak terjatuh..hehe..yes people.. I'm clumsy like that!!

* went baby shopping with mommy dearest on last day of YES..I have officially checked my last item in my list n now all my basic needs for little A dah complete..alhamdulillah... ;) thanks mommy for the baby stuff.. Tgk little A, granma syg kamu..hehehe.. ;p

* hubs installed the baby cot seems so real now looking at it nicely sitting there beside our bed.. Hmmm..haven't took the measurements for the bedsheet n side bumper yet..need to start sewing..everyone dok ckp.."Ni nampak gaya mcm bersalin awal ni.." ??? Why they say that..I dunno..but cukup 44 kali..bersalin awal sunnguh aku nanti..better be prepared huh? ;p

So that's it..its been a long and boring post..but I care not..hehe..need to write..need to write.. ;)

Opss...lil sis wants a flute (pulak dahhhhh)..student one, not the pro one..found at e-bay rm400 but seller from china..told her to find locally first..but she said all above rm1k!! Huaaa!! Yeke??? Mesti ade kot yg murah sket right?? Any idea where to get eyh?? Would appreaciate your help on this..thanks!! ;)


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