Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2 dinner. 2 places. 2 themes. 1 birthday.

me and hubs both had our company dinner last Saturday.

His at Sunway Hotel. Mine at Putrajaya.

His theme was Rock. Mine was Masquerade.

Which one did we go?

He went ti his. I went to mine.


He was on the commitee, so obviously he was obligated to go to his.

I on the other hand, dari dulu lagi wanted so much to go to a Masquerade theme dinner.

So, we both were single for the night ! huhu~~

and...pictures ~~

me n my neighbour, fifah

with my ex team mates ~~

we were early..

and me.....cam-whoring, before, during and after (waiting for hubs to come home)

the dinner was so-so, didnt really enjoy it much...only the live band...had the chance to dance a little..heee...yeah...dance!! i love dancing, but i dont go clubbing..so this is the place where i can show my moves~~ hahaha... tapi selang2 3-4 lagu laaa...then dok lepak tepi jer...holding my belly... ;p

when hubs came back with pictures..i kinda regretted going to mine..sbb nampak happening giler..his bos was super sporting...with the wig, and the tattoo skin sock, the makeup...dasyat!!! then ade red carpet, with a backdrop for cam-whoring...bestttt!!!!!... no pictures tho... hubs tak kasik..huhu...

but well..whats done is done... I got a cooler doorgift tho...

my own personalized hand wax!!! how cool is that..?? ;)

* * * * *

yesterday was my birthday. didnt do anything special. with all the baby preparation, and the house moving, didnt feel of the necessity of celebrating..plus, who wants to be reminded of getting old kan?? hehehe...

but i did get tons of birthday wishes via sms and fb ... thanks guys... you guys are just so sweet.. ;)


i got a birthday/belated wedding gift from my aunts and uncles...

i superrrrrr love!!! wanted this so so so much...but..hehe..kedekut nak beli sendiri... ;p i grew up watching tok ajah cook in pots similar to these...so..obviously mmg nak sgt2 kan....but i didnt expect sesape nak bagi kann....so dear aunties and uncles....thannnnkkkkkk youuuu!!!!! you are my angelss.... ;)

cant wait to start cooking.....hmm...biler laa nak masuk umah baru ni...



S u H a I d A said...

happy belated birthday aisya..=)

Alymia Nelyza said...

okk, visions are my fave too! :D

m@Ri@ said...

happy belated too..bestnya dpt periuk idaman..