Wednesday, February 3, 2010

paksa cuti?

Early morning.

Manager: aisyah, bila nk cuti ni?
Me: ntah syiok dok dlm perut..
Manager: sy tak tanye bile baby tanye bile nak cuti..
Me: klua, cuti laa..
Manager: mengarut jer budak ni


During PEAP.

Manager: why u don't want to take early leave?
Me: I want to save my leave for my confinement.
Manager: I understand u want to spend more time with ur baby, but u can take annual leave right? My main concern is for the boys in ur team, they are all stikk experience..nnti panic if suddenly ur waterbag pecah..
Me: .....
Manager: you cannot think about urself. U want to be a leader right. You must think about other people also..its not always about you..
Me: (ouchhh!!!)
Manager: plus, klu perut awak belum turun I'm not that worried. Ni perut dah turun..pastu tgk awak jalan mcm susah jerr
Me: eh? Perut dah turun ke?
Manager: yelaa..nampak..
Me: ok la..cuti next week..


So I guess..I'll start my maternity leave next week..hmmmm...agak2 sempat shopping lagi ke?(Ada hati!!!) Keeee..menjahit 2-3 bende lagi..hmmmm..



wahwo said...

aisyah, usually time2 macam nie doc boleh bagi MC.

Nur Hamizah said...

Hi aisyah!!!! my first time reading your blog. and 38th weeks already? i gave birth in my 38 weeks, so gud luck! it can be anytime from now. ohhh suke giler ok tengok all your sewing projects yg menjadi giler ni.boleh amik tempaham la mcm ni.

take care babe, and best of luck! semoga semanya dipermudahkan. Amin. :-)

aiesya said...

cu: tulaa..ade jugak doktor nak bagi aritu..hmm...

kak mzah:iyeh?? iskk..berdebar.. hehe..tempahan..??jahitan tak kemas laa..malu jer..hikhikk..;) thankkss.. ;)

~Serenity~ said...

hi..i do love all yr sewing projects esp baby blanket tu.blh blajar from u since i'm not good at sewing at all..hehe..

u'r going to be mommy soon, bestnye..just take care ok..

aiesya said...

serenity: thanks dear ;)