Thursday, January 14, 2010

bedrest n bedding?

on mc for 2 days after discharged last tuesday.

suppose to be resting.

managed to get some rest yesterday. lying in front of the tv. doing nothing.

but today. i was restless. n bored to death. [rase nk g keje pun ade.boleh?]

so i made my self busy and did what i do best..

menjahit!! ;)

and finally, after hours of measuring and cutting and sewing... i manage to finish little A's first bedding set! (selepas tertangguh berapa lama ntah..hehe)

from left: pillow case (the pillow is the latex type, thats why very lebar n nipis..) , bolster case, blanket and fitted bedsheet. [not in picture: cot bumper - 1/2 finish coz kain tak cukup..hehe]

the blanket. i super love this one..rase nak buat untuk diri sendiri jerr..hehe

hmm..from the corak, can tell eyh boy or girl?? hehe.. i think its unisex..boy or girl..both can use..right? ;)

and now... my back hurtsss like crazy!!!!!! :( :( :(

i think i gotta take 10 day rest before i can start on the next project.. [kain berlambak lagi weyhh..biler ntah nak buat...huhu]



Nona said...

u mmg gifted laa..i dah lama jadi ur silent reader..suke tgk u jahit mcm macam for your bb..mcm mana nak jait blanket tu ya.? ada ajar kt mana mana blog x?

aiesya said...

hye nona..

1stly thanks! blanket tu senang jer actually...hmmm..nanti klu dah start on next project i try to amek pictures and post k...

take care! ;)

mommypants13 said...

Wow those look great! Maybe if I made these it would help me make my bed

Nona said...

ok..thanks..u too, take care..jgn risau sangat psal bersalin..bila bb dah keluar..sangatla lega..hilang rasa sakit..all da best!

EKIN said...

this is soooooo nice... jelesnye.. i just bought yg readymade for my baby.. huhu.. klau pndai jahit kan best.. material leh pilih yg cantik2 and of course the colour also nice!!

klau beli yg readymade nie phm2 je la.. kdg2 gmbr cartoonnye tak comey, n kdg2 the colours are too bright for baby.. ermmm... ;(

nway.. suke bc your blog.. ;)

aiesya said...

yes ekin..i understand what u mean..aritu mase beli babycot tgk jugak bedding set baby..cartoon cam serabut sket..n the material tak purely cotton..
pastu cari kat tempat yg elok sket..satgi hg sampai rm200-300 per set!! menangis jer tgkk
tu yg decide nak jahit sendiri tu..believe it or cost i buat ni tak sampai rm50..

actually tak susah..bnyk nyer jahit tegak jer..i pun bukan laa terer mane..;)

m@Ri@ said...

bagus dpt ibu rajin mcm ni..;)

[ Hanie ] said...

alahi, siannye die. Tp tetap gigih menyiapkan utk si kecil eh ;) take care

cupacup said...

k.aisyah, ltak la lg gbr2 bnd/brg yg k.aisyah jahit utk bby.suka tgk :)
u're sooo talented in jahit2 ni laa..bestnyaa!! *jeles*

Anonymous said...

aisyah, pandainyer u jahit. best! mesin jahit apa u guna yea..


shera said...


perut besar cmtu pon leh menjahit cmnni lagi? ya ampunnsssss :)

sspians :) hahaha xde kaitan!

take care ok

Ana said...

U r such a very gifted person. Beautiful dan pandai menjahit plak tu...adorable!!! Hope u will deliver safely soon and happy together with ur family here and after. Amin... :)