Monday, January 11, 2010

false alarm!

So I was running from one team to the other yesterday morning..the usual stuff..finishing my work, checking my emails, learning new task..

When eh..apsal basah sluar aku nihhh...went to the toilet..wet.yes. Hmmm..ape yeh?

Went out asked kak fiza, she was..eyh..g check kat clinic.. I was. Why aaa?? No need laa...normal kot..lagipun its still early..baru 34 nk masuk 35w..

But she insisted me to call I called..and he came..

He arrived. Blur. Nk g mane nih??

Called mom the first time. She said clinic ok.

Then she called back..go hospital trus laaa..

And since PPUM is the nearest..pergi laa..

Doctor check said everything was ok. Alhamdulillah.but why I was wet. I've yet to know..

And now I'm here on the hospital bed. Spent the night. Waiting for my scan today. What time I dunno.

But what I do know..

-the lady beside me went into labour at 3am..I heard the nurse came and check every one hour..heard her breathing was going faster..then heard the doctor came in..measuring her opening I guess coz I heard 8cm 8cm after that..and boy...reality hit me..I never thought about labor pain before this..tapi setelah mendengar sume tu..baru terase kecut perut sket..huhu..baru terbayang video yg pernah dilihat dizaman uni dulu..oh my..horror...the way the baby comes out..then the cutting..the sewing..alamakkkk..ngilu nyerrrr...tulis ni pun dah rase ketaqqqq...


Anyways..I met my cousin whom I've not met for how many years already..the last time was like what 8-10 years ago?? Yeah..what a terrible cousin I am! I only read her blogs for her updates..hehe..turns out she's a doctor here..a gynea..lerrrr...klu tau awal2 I would have bombed her with 1001 Qs about pregnancy mase tgh blur2 dulu..nways..we chatted a bit...asked her sedikit sebanyak that I was curious about..then she had to go bcoz she was oncall that night...and duhhh...lupa nak amek die nyer number!! Silly!!! Kak ezra, if ur reading..please..can I have ur number..? Hehehe...

Hmmm...dunno what to write..I'm just damnnnn bored right now...taktau nak buat ape...duk baring jer from nak pecah kepala...

But ape2pun..I'm glad its just a false alarm...hehehe...alhamdulillah...still too early for this little one to come out.. ;)



m@Ri@ said...

em rehat jgn wat kije byk2 sangat..jaga dri yek..

as a.k.a axa87 said...

aiesya.. u bersalin kat mana nanti? UMRA ke??