Monday, November 2, 2009

on my off day

I was on-leave yesterday.

Had a check-up in the morning.

Gained an unhealthy amount of weight - which I be will be monitored next month - maybe kene minum air gula - tidaakkkkkkkk!!!!!!

Not enough blood count [erk?] have to eat lots of iron n vit-C

My tagging sticker on the pink card has changed from white [normal patient] to green [problematic] - huaaaa!!!!!! sobbsss... :(

Spent the rest of the making these...

4 done, 2 more to go... [erk..actually only ONE from the four that has been completely finished - yes - ko punya Mala! ;) ]

I dun like making the base [ because the chiffon material is soOooooooOoo hard to handle ]

but i love love love "pimp"ing them up. especially with crystals... ;)

here are some of the stuff I use to make the tudung pretty..

lace, crystals, pearls, labuci, beads

for those who asked me, i'll be honest, crystals n pearls are expensive, coz I usually buy the Swarovski crystals. One tudung can cost around rm150-rm180 (only the materials). I'm not kidding. For cheaper alternative can opt for labuci, manik n what not, but hehehe..saya tak terrer jahit manik.. ;p

TAPI.... i'm truly sorry, I dont take orders, only from really2 close friends.. hehe.. tak cukup masa nak buat.. sorry yerrr...

but if there's anything you would like to ask about the tudung, I'd be happy to help out. email me at escallonia08[at]yahoo[dot]com , or its easier to YM [same email add], I'm normally online during office hours.. [oppppsssss!!!] ;)

for more info on how to make the tudung, please read this post. TQ.


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