Tuesday, November 3, 2009

of business date and ideas

had a business date with Salha and Farah last night at Ikea.

yes. business is still on people!

I couldnt have afford my new Blackberry if it wasnt because of this business. ;)

For those interested. drop me an email. I'll explain how. ;) [escallonia08@yahoo.com]

on a diff note, hubs blanje me Ketam Steamboat Village, Steamboat @ Ikano [sayanggggggg abangg!!! hehe]

I love it here because the tomyam soup at this place is superrrr spicy..!! sedappp..!! ;p

extra pedas tomyam soup

mine : Homemade Dumpling Noodle set

Hubs: Sliced Lamb Noodle Set

Then, while waiting for Salha n Farah to arrive, I wandered around in Ikea and saw these...

uuuu...lovely..lovely... i love the bold paterns and colours! and its not that expensive, ranging from rm19.90- rm26.90 per meter..

hmm...ideas were pouring in like crazy in my head. Cant wait to start decorate my new home.

*bila laa nak dapat kunci ni...haihhh....*



m@Ri@ said...

da beli rumah baru ek..mcm sedap je steamboat tu..nnt nk kena g cari la..haha..

wahwo said...

i thought u're not suppose to take any ketam..allergy, remember?

aiesya said...

maria: haah.sbb skrg nyer umah sewa panjat tangga 5 tingkat..tak larat dah ni.. ;p eyh..g laa makan..sedap.. ;)

cu: where got ketam? me makan dumpling n fish cake only..and fuchuk..hehehe..promise!

Alymia Nelyza said...

omg kak, alya lapa tgk tomyam! :(