Wednesday, November 4, 2009

cerita Hollywood mana?

sometimes hubs complaints that I watch too many Hollywood movies [elehh..mcm laa die tak!] and sometimes get influence by the things in the movie [erkk..???]

like last time when I wanted a wedding ring instead of a wedding necklace or a wedding bracelet [he did argue I had too many rings already, couple, risik, tunang] but I insisted on a wedding ring because I said "omputih mana ada bagi rantai ke gelang mase dorang kahwin..kan ke bg cincin jer.." hehe.. trueee whatt...!!

or when I told him I wanted to have a baby room for little A coz "omputih kan ade nursery untuk anak dorang, mana letak baby cot dalam bilik dorang.."

then there was a time when I told him about the baby moniter thinghy, he went.."mane sayang tau ade bende tu..?" .. and I answered "alaaa...dalam movie yg kita tgk aritu tuuu.."

ok.ok. I admit. I do sometimes get influenced by movies. I mean. Who doesnt right?

but atleast, the things I am influenced by are not those bad ones..but the good ones..right? baikk anak mak nih.. hahaha.. [oklaa..I did have my rebellious stage in life, but takdelaa sampai minum ke drugs ke...I still knew my roots.]

so anyways...[dah terlanjur bende lain plak] , when I told hubs I wanted to do this..

... the first thing that he said was... " Ni cerita Hollywood mane plak yang sayang tengok ni..? "



then I told hubs, "en Ali, you think omputih jer ke buat belly cast ni? Org lain pun ade laa...and as a matter of fact, I knew about this belly cast thingy from a blog I love to read and the blogger happens to be a Malay lady tau..."


here are some of the belly cast art that I found interesting..

flower motives. [maybe sesuai if anak perempuan kot]

trees. a symbol of life.

butterflies. simply because I love them.

abstract. if its a boy?

original. simple.

well, I still have a long way to go before I do this. [ in my 8 month ?] , I just cant stop myself from being excited about it...heeee...

I've googled around and the only online store I can find selling this kit is at retailing at RM119. Any idea if I could get it anywhere else at a lower price?



m@Ri@ said...

yg butterfly tu cantik..

Razali Zain said...

i get the point of doing the casting on the baby bump... but the breasts as well? i think those are more for the fathers =P

aiesya said...

maria: suka gak..tapi klu anak lelaki cam tak sesuai plak kan..??

raz: yeah..but the bump without the breast? a bit weird no? besides, it'll be in the parents room [or somewhere in the closet..hahaha] no one would actually see the thing. ;p

Hanie said...

I did one as well last year. And bought mine from LilCaliph too. You can email and ask Molina for disc. She's quite generous so long you be nice :p

p/s: I got it at 20% disc and it was not during promotion.