Sunday, April 24, 2011

ini Kama ;)

remember I went to JB last 2 weekends to help my business partner? alhamdulillah everything went hubs had some work to do, so my mom, her best friend, my lil brother decided to accompany me to JB .. alhamdulillah I have a supporting family.. ;)

anyways, I've known Kama since my college years in Perlis but we werent like close or anything..she asked me thru fb about the business and she is my business partner :) I admire her spirit and her willingness to learn eventho jauh kan...she calls me up for tips and advices and I am soooooo happy with her progress :) and proud too....

one thing about this business, its the best feeling when you know ur helping out someone else to achieve their target for Kama (in the short term) is bringing her (and her future hubby) to Venice!! Honeymoon in Venice babe!! every girl's dreamm... plus FOC lagi and 5 star treatment! :)

anyone in JB yang nak beli Premium Beautiful or know more about the business, you should definitely contact Kama...

Call/Text Kama at 019-7452759

she'll be there to assist you ;)

you go girl!!! ;)

aisyah samsudin

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