Monday, April 25, 2011

aqil at his nursery

ramai kawan2 tanya, hows life as a WAHM?  i'll say its the bestt!!!

ade jugak yg tanya, do i still hantar my son to the nursery...?? well...yes of course...

why?? for his social skills and for learning new things and for him to have friends of course! :)

do i send him everyday? nope..sometimes when i dont have any appointments for the day, I'd stay at home with him, but i dont do that often because its so hard to do anything when he's around...hehe...tgk muka die yg comel tu jer..mesti rase nak peluk cium..lepak2 peluk2 die depan tv jer..main2 ngan nothing is done...masak tak, kemas tak, basuh baju tak, lipat baju tak, nak blog pun tak jadi...unless he's asleep (like what he is currently doing now ;))

plus, i dont want him to miss out on anything kat nursery..sbb I am so lucky to get a very good nursery dekat dengan area rumah...from he was a baby, teachers kat nursery dah start tunjuk flash cards, and now bila dah besar sket...he's joining the older kids watching educational videos, doing crafts, doing mind development activities..sometimes when terlebih rajin I will just hang around at the nursery tgk die buat all the stuff and rase seronok sangat when he joins the elder kids and tunjuk minat in all the activities yg ade.. ;) 

and...yg bestnyer, the teachers speaks english with the kids (mostly because kebanyakkannya anak2 expat) but i think its good for him to start to learn speak english dari kecik, malay will come naturally to him, i try to speak fully english dengan die, but lidah dah biasa ckp melayu bnyk laaaa terlepas terlepas...hehe..and bnyk budak2 jepun kat ctu, and they speak japanese among themselves so hopefully, aqil boleh tangkap sket2 bahasa jepun or maybe akan interested nk blaja one day... :) 

anyone near mont kiara/sri hartamas area yg nak cr nursery and interested nk checkout this one, boleh laa email ke text me to get the owners number (she has more than 10 years of experience) ... i highly recommend the place...rase secure nk hntr anak kat ctu.. ;)

this is not a paid advert or what...saje nk share n help out working moms out there yg nk cr nursery bcoz i know how hard it is to find a good n secure one.. :)

aisyah samsudin


cik siti said...

seronok tengok aqil muka happy :)

aiesya said...

hehe ;)

Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

aqil is so cute!!